Humanoid: “This split we are all comfortable playing 5v5 together”

By Lee Jones


Jul 23, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Following a 2-0 LEC summer group stage win over MAD Lions, we spoke with Fnatic mid laner Marek “Humanoid” Brázda. The former MAD player particularly stood out in the series’ second match, claiming a ridiculous 17 kills on Jayce and was voted player of the series.

He discussed the series, looked ahead to a rematch with SK, and gave his thoughts as to why Fnatic looks so much better this split compared to the rest of the season.

An interview with Fnatic’s Humanoid Congratulations on the win, and especially on that Jayce performance. What made the pick work so well in the second match?

Humanoid: Well, I think in the last one, once I get to four items, I can just use two Qs with one gate and then it’s just really oppressive and we basically just played to only poke them. Even though they had a lot of engage, we just tried to keep our distance and only poke them. The rest of my team can’t really do anything, so it’s just only me spamming Qs for the entire game and I guess that’s why I had a lot of damage.

You’ve extended MAD’s ongoing loss streak. What do you think is causing their poor form?

I think they are a team that goes well with momentum. If they start losing, it’s really hard to pick it back up, but once they get one or two wins, then they will probably bounce back and start winning but they just didn’t manage to get those wins.  

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You’re good friends with MAD’s Carzzy. How do you find the dynamic of playing against him?

I think it’s just really fun. We are just bantering between each other all the time. I played the 2v2 mode yesterday with him before playing him.  

What would you recommend playing in that mode?

I think Taric/Master Yi or something like that is really OP.  

You’re up against SK Gaming next and you lost to them previously in groups. What went wrong that time and how are you planning to beat them this time?

I think the first time we were just way too overconfident and we were just expecting to win, and then we just played way worse than we normally played in the regular season. I think now, or today at least, we played way better than when we played against SK – so I think if we can play the same tomorrow we will beat them.

Fnatic is doing much better in Summer than the first two splits this season. What has changed following the roster moves?

I think we are just more together this split whereas in the last split or the two last splits, everyone was just running around the map alone and trying to make solo plays. This split we are all comfortable playing 5v5 together where we are all close to each other, so I think that’s the main difference.


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