Huge bug lets players throw utility through walls on Haven

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

People have long quipped about Valorant’s walls being made out of paper, but sometimes it seems that they don’t actually exist at all. Case and point, this bug.

Wallbangs are a unique mechanic that have long been deliberately built into the layouts of maps. However, someone has discovered an exploit that lets players toss utility through solid objects on Haven, something that can be game-breaking.

The issue of wallbangs is an old one and players have found a way to work around them, but issues seem to be getting more and more serious over time. Each day, players discover a new exploit that offers a massive advantage and this time it’s on the game’s largest map, Haven. Valorant maps have tons of easter eggs and secret spots, but nothing has been as obviously problematic as this.

The new exploit allows players to slide their equipment through the A-short wall on Haven almost magically. A player named Ehto shared a clip in which he took slight damage from Raze’s satchel that appeared from nowhere. He later demonstrated how anyone could send their tools through this particular wall.

This exploit calls for a different lineup for each ability. It’s hard to execute due to the learning curve, but some may go the distance. The value varies wildly from agent to agent and that makes it something not everyone will need to learn but at higher ranks, this glitch can be game-breaking as it’s certainly worth the effort and practice.

For example, a Sova player using this bug could send a dart through the wall to gather intel in the first few seconds of the round. Teams can build strategies based on this intel, tilting this attacker-sided location in favor of the defenders. Pairing dart with Skye’s flash, defenders can easily wipe out the enemies at the beginning of the round.

Apart from the implementation of this bug, it’s generally a weird mechanic which requires a hotfix. It’s clearly unintended for utility to slide through solid objects, so it’s highly likely Riot Games will patch up the map shortly. Until then, stay cautious of Valorant walls and expect some weirdness on Haven in the coming days.