HoYoLAB app adds Honkai: Star Rail special tools

By Melany Moncada


Jun 8, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

miHoYo added new tools to the HoYoLAB app. These new tools will help Honkai: Star Rail players as they explore the universe.

HoYoLAB is miHoYo’s companion app for all of its games. It offers, besides community sections, tools to better understand your journey through the game. Honkai: Star Rail has been officially added to the app. Players can now log in and start using all of the tools available.

Honkai: Star Rail’s new HoYoLAB tools

Honkai: Star Rail has five tools in the HoYoLAB app that every player will want to use.


The game encourages you to check in on the website to earn daily rewards. If you miss a day, you can make up for lost time by completing certain tasks. In the app, completing the check-in is easy on the specific tab. You do not need to log in to the game to complete this step.

Battle Records

The Battle Records tracks all of the relevant data regarding achievements, general statistics, and Trailblaze Power. This section shows how much Trailblaze Power is available in your account and how long until it fully recovers. It also shows the progress from your assignments and the remaining time before you can claim the rewards.

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Leveling Calculator

There are many elements to keep in mind when you are leveling up a character. It is more than just the character’s level, you must also upgrade the Light Cone, the Traces, and the Relics.

The Leveling Calculator shows you exactly how many resources you need to level up a character. It lists the resources needed and how many credits it will cost.

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The app includes a direct link to HoYoWiki. This page includes all of the information about characters, locations, and all of the game’s lore.

Honkai: Star Rail Map

Perhaps one of the most useful tools available. Unlike the game’s map, the one in the app shows every detail about the different locations. You can check the chests’ locations, enemies, collectibles, and more. If you are looking to defeat some enemies to get extra credit, the map shows you their exact location and what type of enemy it is.

The HoYoLAB app is available for iOS and Android, it is completely free.