How YouTuber and comedian Markiplier rose to fame

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YouTuber, comedian, and actor Mark “Markiplier” Fishbach is one of the most well-known YouTubers along with the likes of Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg and Seán “JackSepticEye” McLoughlin, who found immense success on the platform and are considered celebrities in today’s society. 

Recently, Markiplier has been in the news because he broke his foot crossing the street while walking his dog. He stumbled over a storm drain in the road and snapped a small bone in his foot. In true Markiplier fashion, he told the story as if he were writing a novel about his experience.

“You never know when danger is lurking around every corner. They tell you to look both ways when crossing the street, they never tell you to look three ways,” Markiplier said, recalling that he looked both ways while crossing the street but forgot to look down.

How many subscribers does Markiplier have?

Markiplier has amassed over 28.6 million subscribers over the course of his YouTube career, which started in 2012.  Markiplier’s funny commentary while playing video games is one of the driving factors behind his popularity. He became known for his playthroughs of horror games at the beginning of his career. Horror games are often a good choice for a budding YouTuber or streamer because of the honest reactions those types of games can elicit from a streamer. They are also a good choice because no matter how timid the streamer, viewers often enjoy watching their reactions to jump scares. 

In addition to his Let’s Play videos, he also has a massively successful “choose your own adventure” series called A Heist with Markiplier. This is a series of videos shot and edited like a movie where viewers are the main character and they are tasked with helping Markiplier complete a heist.

Filled with humor and a bit of mystery, viewers get to choose which path they take by clicking on a subsequent video that pops up after the one they’ve just viewed. There are a whopping 31 endings to this series. He also did a smaller Valentine-themed series called “A Date with Markiplier” with 10 endings.

What is Markiplier’s net worth?

Markiplier’s net worth is estimated to be around $28 million. His channel ranks in the top 100 channels for video views, coming in at over 15 billion total views on his videos. His ranking places him close to channels of famous music artists such as Rhianna, Eminem, and Enrique Iglesias. 

Aside from his YouTube channel income, Markiplier co-founded a clothing line with Seán “jacksepticeye” McLoughlin called Cloak Brands. Recently, Cloak Brands did a collaboration with Mojang for their Minecraft Dungeons collection, and with Imane “Pokimane” Anys for a collection called Self Love Story by Pokimane.

In addition to his video income, Markiplier also uses his channel for charity quite often. Last year he raised over $500,000 for My Friend’s Place, which helps homeless youths transition to self-sufficiency. He raised that amount in a 24-hour long stream. He most recently did a charity in April 2020 for Hope From Home and raised over $118,000. 

Is Markiplier married?

Markiplier has been dating his current girlfriend Amy Nelson since at least 2016 when she started appearing on Markiplier’s channel, but the two are not married. Amy also had a big part in the YouTube series that Markiplier did with Ethan “CrankGameplays” Mestor-Darling called Unnus Annus. The channel produced a video every day for an entire year and then was deleted off of the internet forever. 

Amy and Markiplier do live together and have a dog named Chika, who also appears on the channel often. She is a graphic artist and animator, and at one time had a YouTube channel that accumulated over 68,000 subscribers, but there is currently no content on the account.