How Ultra Rapid Bingo works in Wild Rift

By Nicholas James


Dec 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends’ iconic high-speed game mode Ultra Rapid Fire has made its way to Wild Rift for mobile gamers to try out. With it has come a brand new minigame called Ultra Rapid Bingo that rewards players for finishing certain missions depending on the orientation of their bingo card. Filling out a straight line of four tiles will result in a card being completed.

What is Ultra Rapid Bingo?

Ultra Rapid Bingo is exactly what it sounds like, a version of Bingo purposed for Ultra Rapid Fire’s arrival to Wild Rift. Ultra Rapid Bingo arrived earlier this month and will run until December 30. As soon as URF goes away, so too will the Ultra Rapid Bingo event.

Each player will be assigned a randomly assembled Bingo card containing 16 symbols that correspond to certain types of missions players can complete. Players can complete more than one Ultra Rapid Bingo card, and players will receive rewards for each full card that they complete. Each tile will display its requirements if you tap on it in the Ultra Rapid Bingo interface.

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There are six symbols that indicate varying requirements to complete that tile of the Bingo board. Crossed swords indicates a champion vs champion-related task, from dealing damage to shielding allies. The tower refers to taking objectives, the coins require gold earned, and the helmet is restricted to playing certain champions or champion classes. The trophy related to post-game results and the star fills up the rest of the various missions that aren’t so easily classified.

If certain missions seem to be too difficult to complete, don’t worry. There’s a Golden Spatula mission that will help you get through your Bingo cards with ease. For every two matchmade games, Ultra Rapid Fire included, you will receive one Golden Spatula. Each Golden Spatula can be spent to automatically complete any given tile on your current Ultra Rapid Bingo card. A player can only have up to three Golden Spatulas at once, so be sure to use them as you get them.


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