How to watch the TFT World Championship Finals

By Nicholas James


Oct 3, 2021

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Teamfight Tactics’ World Championship is rolling around just before League of Legends has its own. If you’re looking for some TFT action to watch while you wait for Worlds proper to begin, we’ll catch you up and send you in the right direction. With 2021 coming to an end soon, this is your last chance to catch TFT at the highest level before the next set arrives.

The TFT World Championship has taken place over the course of 4 days with the following format. On the first day, the lowest seed from each region competed in one lobby, with the top 4 advancing. The next day, Group A played five games with scaling points rewards for the best placements.

If you’re looking for North American talent to get behind, Rival “DeliciousMilkGG” Daminov from this group is the only North American player to have made it all the way to the finals. Europe is also represented by one player, while China brings three to the final round of competition.

Along with DeliciousMilkGG, Kacper “Dvi Shircane” Piśniak, China’s Zixingche, and OCE streamer Dennis “Escha” Yoon made it out of Group A to the finals. Meanwhile, Group B qualifiers were LATAM’s Sergio “TA Smbappe” Cuitiva, Japan’s Nukomaru, and Chinese contestants Qitux and Huanmie.

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On October 4, the fourth and final day of the TFT World Championship will take place. In it, these final 8 contestants will take to a single lobby. The first player to reach 18 total points in the same fashion as previous stages will be crowned the world champion. TFT’s been more exciting than ever with the addition of Radiant items and the midset expansion Dawn of Heroes.

When is the TFT World Championship finals?

The last day of the TFT World Championship will take place on October 4th 2021 at 2 am PDT, or 5 pm CST. It will be broadcast on the official Teamfight Tactics Twitch channel. Due to the need to sync up with players in China, OCE, and other regions, it’ll be an early start for North American viewers who want to catch it all. If you’re already preparing to overhaul your sleep schedule for League of Legends’ 2021 World Championship, this could be a great way to stay entertained in the meantime.

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Tune in tomorrow for the last day of Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning competition.


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