Valorant agent Viper

How to use Viper’s molotov without learning lineups

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 20, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Viper’s molotov is one of the deadliest in Valorant, but not all players know how to squeeze full juice out of it. This new trick will help you use Viper’s Snakebite correctly. 

Valorant agents are equipped with unique powers, but no other controller is as deadly as Viper. The agent is capable of killing enemies without wasting a bullet. However, very few players know how to utilize her toolkit properly. Viper can still be a viable pick even if you don’t remember all hundred lineups. Here’s how. 

How to use Viper’s molotov

Valorant players often memorize dozens of post-plant lineups to use Viper’s molotov, or Snakebite. However, the agent can also play an aggressive defender by using this new trick. Here’s how to use Viper’s molotov. 

Pay attention to the radar and the sound radius circle on it. When you’re running and throwing the molotov, it’ll always land at the edge. For example, if you want to pause attackers in the B-lobby, start running from the B site while looking at your radar. Release the launcher as soon as the audio circle hits the edge of B-main. The Snakebite will drop at the first entrance, damaging whoever steps on it. 

This trick might take tons of practice since not all players understand the mini-map well. Run some custom games and memorize the sound circle’s radius. This will help you drop hundreds of Viper molotovs without learning new lineups. Launching post-plants will also become easy for unique Spike sites by using this trick. 

To render maximum damage, plant a smoke device on predictable Spike spots. As soon as enemies activate the Spike, deploy the smoke and drop a molotov to pair. The Spike carrier will deal heavy damage and most likely die to the Snakebite. 

Is Viper a good agent on Split? 

Viper is one of the best agents to pick on Split in the Controller category. Split’s layout doesn’t necessarily require a large globe of smokes, so Viper’s screen plays a crucial role in blocking entrances. Her damage rendering smoke can block off the vast middle area of B-main’s entry for the entirety of the round.