How to unlock the Geralt Fortnite skin from The Witcher

By Nicholas James


Feb 8, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Geralt of Rivia is making his way into Fortnite as a part of Chapter Four, so here’s how to unlock the Geralt Fortnite skin.

Fortnite is comfortably the AAA game with the most external licensing instances. It’s filled to the brim with characters from different intellectual properties that would never before have been seen together. Nowhere else will you find Master Chief, Goku, and Indiana Jones fighting Doom Guy and Wu Tang Clan members, all as official skins. The latest pop culture character making their way into the battle royale is Geralt of Rivia. The new Witcher skin is locked behind quests, here’s how to unlock the Geralt Fortnite skin in Chapter Four.

How to unlock the Geralt of Rivia skin

The new Witcher series skin is the mid-season Battle Pass skin, available only to players who have purchased the Battle Pass for this season. The character skin is the first unlockable piece of content, with additional Witcher-themed gear available for further quest completion. The skin debuted on Tuesday, February 7, and will continue to be available until the end of Fortnite Chapter Four Season One.

There will be more added to the quests involved with the Geralt skin, but the skin itself is available as of right now. The next stage of quests won’t open for a few weeks, and fans will then be able to complete them for further in-game cosmetics. Here are all of the Witcher quests and their rewards in Fortnite Chapter Four Season One.

Geralt Fortnite quests

There are two sets of pages of quests for the Geralt of Rivia skin and its associated items, but only one is currently released.

Geralt quests page one

  • Complete three bounties – Reward: Muscle Memory Spray
  • Defeat one boss – Reward: Weapons of the Witcher Back Bling
  • Activate augments in five different matches – Reward: Geralt of Rivia loading screen
  • Use an Emote in the Citadel throne room – Reward: Igni Sign Emote
  • Deal 500 melee damage to opponents – Reward: Witcher’s Steel Sword Pickaxe
  • Complete all the page one quests – Reward: Geralt of Rivia skin

Geralt quests page two

There is a second page of Witcher-themed quests available this season, but it hasn’t unlocked yet. Only the first page of Geralt quests is unlocked in early February, and the second page will be available three weeks after the first opened up. From here, fans can expect to get more items when these quests finally do unlock on February 28, 2023.

Ignii Challenge

If you’re looking to burn some time before that next page of quest unlock, check out the custom Igni Challenge map. The Axii Challenge is a custom game mode in which player spring around a castle that much resembles Caer Morhen, the headquarters of the Witchers’ Guild.

If you visit the official website before you complete it, you can get the Axii Sign banner, which lets you display your Witcher fandom membership to everybody when you claim a location.