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How to unlock gear with coins in Mario Strikers: Battle League

By Olivia Richman


Jun 19, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Mario Strikers: Battle League has introduced a lot of new elements in this new update to the fan-favorite Wii game. One of these upgrades is the use of gear, which can be purchased with in-game coins to improve your team’s stats.

Each character in Mario Strikers: Battle League can be given a variety of gear that comes with specific stat upgrades. There are helmets, gloves, shoulder pads, shoes, and body padding that make your character stronger and faster, and make your character’s shots more accurate and powerful. This makes gear pretty important if you want an edge on your opponents. So how do you earn the coins used to buy gear in Mario Strikers: Battle League? We’ll tell you.

How much is the gear in Mario Strikers: Battle League?

There are 10 total characters, each with 20 pieces of gear that cost 100 coins each as well as four that are 400 each. This means it will take 3,200 coins to unlock every piece of gear for one character, and 32,000 coins total to unlock all of the gear for each character in the game.

This may sound like a lot, about you don’t need to unlock all of the armor for each character. While you’ll likely want to test out a few different types of gear for each character, you’ll ultimately just need one full set of gear to use.

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How to get coins in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Easy coin bonuses

The first way to get an easy coin bonus in Mario Strikers: Battle League is to go into the Gear Settings menu. This will give you 400 coins. You’ll get an additional 800 coins for completing the Training Match in the Training menu.

The best way to get bonus coins is to complete all of the cup battles. Each normal cup battle will earn 400 coins, and each Galactic cup battle will give you 1,000 coins. Completing all of the cups will net you 8,400 total coins, plenty to buy gear for a few of your favorite characters. If you beat a cup again, you’ll only get a fraction of the initial reward, meaning that grinding for additional coins takes longer.

Earn coins online

You can also earn coins by playing online in a few different ways. Playing in a Striker’s Club Open Match earns you 30 coins per win. If you play with another member of your club, you’ll win 40 coins. To get enough coins to unlock every piece of gear in Strikers, you would need to win as many as 560 matches.

Luckily there are other ways to get coins to get away from the grind. A quick battle will get you 20 coins online and 10 coins offline. It will still take days of playing to get enough coins to unlock every single piece of gear, but at least there are options.

Instead of grinding for hours every day, you’re better off snagging bonuses and just competing online when you feel like it. You’ll get enough coins to purchase a full uniform for your captain quickly enough, though getting enough coins to purchase gear for every character may take far longer.


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