Mario Strikers

Mario Strikers: Battle League brings new elements to a classic

By Olivia Richman


May 2, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

A popular Mario sports game is returning, bringing players together again for a lighthearted competition. Mario Strikers: Battle League is the next big Nintendo Switch sports game that is taking a fan favorite and adding some exciting new elements.

Mario Strikers was originally released for GameCube, putting a Nintendo spin on soccer. Mario Strikers Charged came out later for the Wii, quickly becoming one of the most popular games on the console. The over-the-top style of the gameplay, the special moves, and cutscenes featuring popular Nintendo characters have made it a classic.

So what is changing in Mario Strikers: Battle League, and what elements are returning?

Mario Strikers: Battle League gameplay reveal

Nintendo announced Mario Strikers: Battle League in early February 2022 with a trailer packed with gameplay. Like Mario Strikers Charged, there appear to be intense special moves for each character as well as some stylish cutscenes.

The new Mario Strikers is a 5v5 competitive game that’s inspired by soccer. That means each team is looking to score the most goals by kicking the ball past the opposing team’s goalie and into their net. But Mario doesn’t just kick around soccer balls. Mario Strikers also features unique items and special moves that make the game much more dynamic.

Like in the original Mario Strikers, there are items in Battle League that can disrupt the game. In the trailer, there is a green shell reminiscent of Mario Strikers Charged that can knock out enemies, as well as bananas that can slip opposing players up as you race past them.

Every character also has their own special shots. In the Battle League trailer, you can see Yoshi turning into a giant egg that rolls over opponents. It’s quite similar to Yoshi’s special move in the previous Mario Strikers titles.

But there are some differences in Battle League thanks to the introduction of new gear. The clothing and helmets that you equip your team with will impact their play styles. Mario can be seen wearing a “Muscle Helmet” that adds to his strength but lowers his technique. This will be important to keep in mind since each character already has their own unique stats to begin with. Mixing and matching the right gear with the right character will be paramount for Mario Strikes: Battle League players wanting to succeed.

The Hyperstrike is another new addition to Mario Strikers: Battle League. An orb will appear on the field that can be charged during opportune times to create a powerful shot that counts as two goals.

Mario Strikers: Battle League multiplayer and online play

One of the big differences between Mario Strikers: Battle League and previous Mario Striker titles is the introduction of new online multiplayer options. Like the previous titles, Battle League can have up to eight players, four on a team. But there are also new online options that weren’t as viable before.

The online play mode now has a club mode, allowing players to join an online club and compete for placements in a league’s rankings. Each club can have up to 20 players. Clubs compete worldwide with the hopes of being the Mario Strikes: Battle League players in the world.

Mario Strikers: Battle League release date

Mario Strikers: Battle League has a release date of June 10, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch. It’s currently available to pre-order for the Switch. It’s possible that the game could be delayed, but Nintendo likely plans on holding Mario Strikes: Battle League to its June release date in order to keep its pace of game releases flowing for Switch fans.


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