How to unlock Arcane Jinx, Jayce, Vi, and Caitlyn

Nicholas James • November 3, 13:54

There are new skins coming to League of Legends as a part of the RiotX Arcane event celebrating Riot Games’ debut animated series, Arcane. The most iconic champions from Piltover and Zaun will all be getting twists that better represent their look in the animated series. The skins won’t be available all at once, but it’s pretty simple to collect each one. Here’s when each of the skins releases and how to acquire them.

How to unlock Arcane Jayce

Jayce is taking center stage as a key character to the narrative of Piltover and is one of the first characters to become available. His collaboration with Viktor, one of the champions that may not be getting an Arcane skin, has been heavily featured in promotional material and will play a crucial role in the story. Jayce’s mission will go live on November 8 and will require players to win a single game or play three in order to unlock it. It will reward players with a Jayce Champion Permanent and an Arcane Jayce Skin Permanent.

How to unlock Arcane Vi

Vi is another protagonist in the Arcane series, focusing on her relationship with her sister, Jinx, and the villainous Silco who tears them apart. Vi’s mission will go live on November 15, and will also require players to win one game or play three games in order to claim it. The mission will reward players with a Vi Champion Permanent and an Arcane Vi Skin Permanent.

How to unlock Arcane Caitlyn

Caitlyn, a young Piltover enforcer, will be hunting Jinx following the detonation of a building in Arcane, per several references in her lore. Her mission will go live on November 22 and will require one win or three completed games. The Arcane Caitlyn mission rewards players with a Caitlyn Champion Permanent and an Arcane Caitlyn Skin Permanent.

How to unlock Arcane Jinx

Jinx, the central character of Arcane, will be the last champion to have her Arcane skin unlocked. Just like the rest of the included champions, Jinx’s mission rewards players with her Champion Permanent and an Arcane Skin Permanent. Jinx’s mysterious descent into madness is one of the central plot elements of the Arcane series.

Players who already own these champions will be able to turn the excess Champion Permanents into Blue Essence to spend on other champions. Arcane’s arrival is coming with plenty of Twitch and Prime Gaming rewards, so make sure to cash in on all the in-game goodies.


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