How to remake in League of Legends in a minute 30 seconds

By Melany Moncada


Oct 10, 2022

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Starting on Patch 12.20, League of Legends players will be able to remake games at the one-minute and 30 seconds mark.

AFK players are probably one of the most frustrating aspects of solo queue. It means that from the start, the match is doomed, and players are forced to stay in it for at least 20 minutes. To address this situation, Riot Games is implementing changes that allow players to remake their matches early.

If a player is flagged as inactive for at least 90 seconds, the team can start the remake vote at one minute and 30 seconds. To be successful, at least two team members must vote yes to the remake.

Once the match is remade, only the AFK player will be punished. To the rest of the players, it will be as if the match never happened. This option is available in Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss games.

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How to remake in League of Legends

The game will prop players to start the remake vote at one minute and 30 seconds. At this point, one of the players must write “/remake” in the chat and the voting will start. Players have 90 seconds to cast their votes.

At least 30% of the players on the team must agree to the remake. In a team with four players, only two votes are enough. If the team only has three players, one vote will do the trick.

Regardless of how many players are on the team, the remake will only be possible if no kills have occurred. If the opposite team drafts first blood, the surrender option won’t be available until the 20-minute mark.

Does remake affect MMR LOL?

The remake does not affect the MMR of the absent player or anyone else in the lobby. However, players that go AFK get a loss in their record so they will lose LP accordingly. The account will get flagged by LeaverBuster. This means that the next time the player wants to join the queue, they might have to wait up to 25 minutes.

If the AFK player is part of a premade group, the entire group will receive the same penalties.

These changes are available now on PBE and will go live with Patch 12.20, dropping on October 19.  


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