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How to reduce lag and ping issues in Diablo 4

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 1, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Diablo 4 lag issues persist months after its release, but minimizing the performance issues is now possible. 

When Diablo 4 was released on June 5, players rushed into the servers to experience the dungeon first-hand, resulting in overcrowded servers. A drop in performance led to many issues, including stuttering, rubberbanding, and high ping. Some players still report that their game experience is underwhelming as latency and rubberbanding issues persist.

Fret not. It’s now possible to enjoy lag-free Diablo 4. Here are a few ways to boost ping and reduce lag in Diablo 4. 

Change server in Diablo 4 

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One of the primary causes of lag is overcrowded servers. Players often tune into servers far from their location and teeming with players, leading to ping spikes. Picking the closest server possible, which has a decent number of participants, could significantly improve performance. Unfortunately, finding the best options can be a long and tedious process. 

That’s where third-party softwares come in. Players may use applications like Diablo 4 Change Server to discover the best server for their location automatically. Legofast will find the server with a suitable number of players and decent ping and connect you without any long process of changing IP or using a VPN. 

Here’s how to change your server using Lagofast Game Booster:

  • Search Diablo 4 on Legofast and click boost
  • Choose the Auto server to connect with the best server according to your location and Diablo 4 server status.
  • Click smart boost and start boosting Diablo 4 now. You can check the real-time ping and packet loss on the boosting page.

Turn off cross-play

Another reason you’re experiencing a ping spike could be cross-play. While it’s a valuable feature that comes in handy on low-traffic days, it can sometimes cause system overload, leading to lag. Cross-play is turned on by default, so it’s worth turning it off if your low-end PC can’t bear the load. 

  • Select options from the pause menu.
  • Now select the Social tab.
  • Select “Cross-Network Play” and disable it.

Poor internet connection 

Sometimes the issue isn’t related to the game, but it’s really your own connection. To diagnose high ping, first, make sure that you’re using a wired connection and not WI-FI. Wired internet is more stable and warrants high speed than WI-FI’s split speed. 

If your lag persists, try reconnecting the internet and restarting the game. It’s also recommended to play Diablo 4 outside of peak hours to prevent high traffic on a server.


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