How to quickly make infinite water in Terraria

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Whether you’re looking to spruce up your Hellevator or refill a dry ocean, learning how to make infinite water is an infinitely useful skill in Terraria.

Terraria’s liquid physics aren’t exactly the most realistic in gaming, but that opens up tons of opportunities for players to get creative. Water can be used to transport players massive vertical distances or set up certain boss fight environments. However, transporting a body of water bucket-by-bucket is a tedious and boring task. Here’s how to make infinite water in Terraria using both a glitch and an in-game item.

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How to do the infinite water glitch in Terraria 1.4

Players are turning Terraria water into an infinite resource with this weird, but simple glitch.

Create a four-block platform in the shape of a T. Then destroy the central block to create a V shape. Clear out some space under this setup to hold water. For some reason, this glitch also requires players to fill up all item slots including coins and ammo. Use a hammer twice to make the right side block angled, then pour a bucket of water into the space directly above it. Immediately pick it up again with your now empty bucket.

Terraria infinite water glitch 1.4

If your setup is correct, water should fall down from the angled block and into the pit below. The fallen water will not go away, allowing the player to use an empty bucket to create another bucket of water. This method only produces one unit of water per repetition. On the upside, it can be done as soon as a player gets enough iron or lead to craft a bucket.

Terraria’s Bottomless Water Bucket is an official source of infinite water

In addition to this unintended interaction, there is a second, much more convenient way to make infinite water in Terraria using a Bottomless Water Bucket.

The Bottomless Water Bucket is a self-explanatory item available from the Angler. He has a 1 in 70 chance to give the item as a reward for finishing a fishing quest. He is also guaranteed to give it as a reward for his 25th quest. The Bottomless Water Bucket will continue to dispense water after its initial user, making it the ideal way to refill an ocean or oasis. It also works slightly faster and from slightly further away than a normal Bucket of Water.

There’s also a Bottomless Lava Bucket counterpart to this item as a random lava fishing reward. Combine the two together to make infinite obsidian or accidentally burn all your helpful villagers.