This is the fastest way to get the arms dealer in Terraria

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By using the absolute fastest method, Terraria players can get the Arms Dealer just minutes into a new world.

Terraria is all about combat, but getting up close and personal is a bad idea with many enemies. It’s usually easier to take them on from afar, but basic bows don’t always pack the necessary punch. This is where the Arms Dealer comes in as a valuable NPC ally. This shopkeeper is the best source of ammunition and guns in the early game, and he comes in handy during hardmode.

The Arms Dealer sells a variety of weapons and ammunition including the fan-favorite Minishark. Unlocking him quickly is a great way to jumpstart a new Terraria world, and players in the know can do so just minutes after spawning.

How to get the Arms Dealer in Terraria as fast as possible

To get the Arms Dealer into their village as fast as possible, Terraria players must first acquire a gun. It seems a little backwards, but acquiring a firearm with an open house fulfills the requirements for attracting one. There are a few different guns available before hardmode, but here’s how to get one right at the start.

  • Locate the Crimson or Corruption biome
  • Find an exposed Crimson Heart or Shadow Orb
  • Destroy it with a hammer or dynamite
  • Pick up the guaranteed musket drop

If there aren’t any hearts or orbs in the open, players can blast their way through with dynamite. Dynamite can also explode the loot sources themselves, so make sure to be precise. Also, the musket is only a guaranteed drop from the first one destroyed in a new world. Successive orbs only have a 20% chance.

Shadow Orbs Terraria

It’s easiest to do this technique as a suicide run, as newer characters will have a tough time escaping the deep caverns. Make sure to stash your money in a piggy bank or spend it on other NPCs in advance. Assuming you play on softcore, you should respawn near your bed with the gun in your inventory. Just wait a day or two and the Arms Dealer should arrive.

Lastly, make sure you have a house set up for the Arms Dealer. If there isn’t a free building, he will be unable to stay at the base. If the Arms Dealer ever dies, expect a new one to show up within the next few days. It’s dangerous work, after all.


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