Terraria lava fishing

Terraria guide: How to fish in lava

By Olivia Richman


Mar 28, 2024

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Looking for a relaxing challenge in Terraria? If so, you’ll want to learn how to fish. Here’s how to fish in lava Terraria, including materials and set up a fishing area.

Terraria is full of a wide range of unique fish species, making fishing a very satisfying and fun experience. Put simply, fishing is done by using a Fishing Pole and bait at a body of liquid — even lava. But there are some tricks to getting it right.

Materials needed to fish in lava in Terraria

You will mostly need a hotline fishing hook. These hooks can withstand super hot temperatures, so they won’t melt when fishing in hot environments like lava pools and lakes.

Secondly, you’ll want obsidian, so you can craft a reel once you catch something. Then, acquire some sturdy gloves so you won’t get burned in hotter environments. Consider leather or metal as your material.

The last thing you need is bait. Find bait that can survive in harsh conditions, like hellworms. These creatures have a thick outer layer that protects them from sulfur compounds. Other options include magma snails or fireflies.

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Where to find lava in Terraria

If you want to fish in lava, you’ll need to find an underground biome. Head to an area with deep caves and you’ll encounter volcanic rock and magma pools. You might need to go down further than you think.

Before you head in, make sure you have a pickaxe and shovel so you can start digging. Near spots with obsidian and molten ore veins, you will often find lava flows.

How to set up a fishing area in Terrain

Once you find the spot where you want to fish, you can set up your fishing area. Simply put some hellstone bait on your obsidian fishing pole and then cast your line into the lava. Check for bubbles, which indicates that there are fish underneath the surface.

Once you see movement near your line, reel in the fish. But use caution.

Strategies for catching fish in lava in Terraria

Here are some tips for fishing successfully in lava in Terraria:

  • Use heavier bait since lighter bait can start moving away
  • Add an extra weight at the end of your line to keep your bait in place
  • Adjust your line as needed

Remember that fishing in lava can be a bit dangerous since you can get damaged. Make sure you have the right items and technique before heading to a lava pool to fish.


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