How to play the fan-made Elden Ring Geoguessr game

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 25, 2023

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Elden Ring is massive, but avid players can test their map skills with a fan-created Geoguessr game.

Elden Ring has a creative community that has produced tons of amazing fan art and game mods to suit everyone’s liking. Reddit user TheEdenChild has now created a new game for the Lands Between that takes inspiration from Geoguessr. The browser game drops the player into an unknown location somewhere on the Elden Ring map, leaving them to guess where they actually are. It’s a great way to test your knowledge of the game’s overworld, and there are plenty of tricks to getting a high score.

The fan-made Elden Ring Geoguessr game is available for free on, an indie game publishing website. It’s entirely browser-based and comes with several setting options, including an optional timer, movement abilities, and round count. The scoring is based on how close you were to the actual location, so even misplaced answers score some points.

Elden Ring Geoguessr score

This game is the latest project released by TheEdenChild, who has made similar Geoguessr-style games for World of WarCraft and Fortnite. The web developer seems to have an affinity for three-dimensional game screenshots, as these games are quite difficult and time-consuming to make.

Tips to score well in Elden Ring Geoguessr

Color palettes The first thing to look for after being shown a location is to determine the region. This is easy to do by looking at the colors and natural features of the surroundings. Red grass means Caelid, while shallow water indicates Liurnia. It can be tough to tell between Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula, for example, but that’s where the second trick comes into play.

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The Geoguessr game also shows you the actual map of Elden Ring, so you can use that along with visible landmarks to triangulate your position. Minor Erdtrees are the most useful, though nearby locations like Raya Lucaria or the Volcano Manor can also guide you. Once you’ve found one landmark, find another and compare it to the map to find your location. Remember that you don’t have to be exact. Just get as close as you can.

The last major thing to look for is enemies. Many of the screenshots include foes of all shapes and sizes, and the preset spawns of most enemies make them easier to recognize than grass hills or a shallow lake. Some bosses like the Ulcerated Tree Spirit and Deathbirds are less useful since they appear in multiple places, but something like the Night’s Cavalry in Caelid that drops Bloodhound’s Step should be instantly recognizable.


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