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How to play old maps like Dust 2 in CS2 beta

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 4, 2023

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Anubis is the only playable map in the CS2 beta as of writing, but it’s also possible to try out old maps like Overpass and Dust 2. 

Valve is currently testing all overhauled maps in Counter-Strike 2 one by one. As the release date approaches, the test duration for each map gets shorter, tempting players to spend more time exploring previous locations. However, the old one returns to the workshop with each new map Valve uploads to the beta. But players have found a new way to try previous beta locations. 

It’s now possible to play Dust 2, Mirage, Overpass, and Nuke in CS2 by using a simple command. 

How to play Dust 2 in CS2

Dust 2 is no longer available to play in CS2 beta, at least officially by Valve. But players can still enjoy the location by typing “map de_dust2” in the console. 

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This command works for all locations, including Nuke, Overpass, and Mirage. To play the older maps, just press the tilde (~) and paste “map de_(map name)” into the console. The game would directly load into the location that has previously been a part of the CS2 beta. This command won’t work for maps that haven’t yet been tested, like Train, Inferno, and more. 

This is an excellent way to practice your smokes and lineups on older locations before CS2 releases officially. Since Anubis isn’t the map most players like right now, playtesters can still enjoy the CS2 beta by loading previous locations. 

What are all the maps in CS2?

Here’s a list of all the maps that have been confirmed for CS2 active duty so far: 

All maps in Counter-Strike 2

  • Dust II
  • Mirage
  • Train
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Inferno
  • Ancient
  • Vertigo
  • Anubis

It remains to be seen if Valve throws Cobblestone into the mix as a wildcard, but it surely would be a pleasant addition. 


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