How to play 6.84 Classic Dota online with friends in 2022

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Ever wish you could jump back in time to play some classic Dota online? You can, thanks to a dedicated community that is keeping the game alive.

Classic Dota is a community of hardcore Dota 2 fans that still play the game on the 6.84 patch from 2015. The group uses a custom website and Discord server to organize and initiate matches. Classic Dota is relatively easy to set up and start playing. Here’s how to join the group and start playing Classic Dota today.

The first step is to join the official English-speaking Dota Classic Discord Server. The easiest way to get there is from the official website using the links at the top of the page. The page also includes a link to the required download. Once it’s downloaded to your computer, extract the archive and launch the game by entering the following line in the Command Prompt: Dota 6.84/dota684.bat

Once the game boots up for the first time, head to the Dota Classic website and go to the queue section to start searching for a match. It’s also possible to enter the queue from the Discord server. After ten players are found, join the lobby and wait for everyone to get ready for a retro Dota Classic experience.

What’s the difference between modern Dota 2 and Classic Dota?

Dota 2 has changed a lot in the last five years, so don’t expect to see every hero or item available in Classic Dota.

6.84 marked the arrival of Glimmer Cape, Octarine Core, and Winter Wyvern. That leaves a few Dota 1 heroes absent, including Abyssal Underlord and Arc Warden. All of the new heroes added in Dota 2, ranging from Monkey King to Primal Beast, are also unplayable. Several newer items such as Wraith Pact, Falcon Blade, and Faerie Fires are similarly absent.

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The mechanical changes are too many to list here, but the biggest difference between modern Dota 2 and Classic Dota is a completely different map. Players will immediately notice that this includes the original Roshan Pit. There are no neutral items or outposts on the map. Gold distribution is very different in Classic Dota, with much higher creep bounties and a more even distribution across the map. The lack of backpacks or a dedicated TP Scroll also makes item slots feel more valuable.

The feel of the game is quite different. It’s difficult to explain, but older Dota 2 feels slower and more punishing than the modern game. Games are generally longer with the vast majority of resources going to the carry and mid heroes. Supports are generally less impactful in the late game, but are much stronger in the lane. The laning stage is also more fluid, with roaming and jungling as more viable options. Comebacks are more difficult, but that makes a successful one all the more satisfying.


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