How to make a circle crosshair in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant crosshair settings allow players to go crazy with customization options, and they seem like some of the weirdest shapes. 

Choosing the appropriate crosshair is extremely important in first-person shooter games. While many hesitate from switching crosshair settings, some Valorant players like to troll around with unique shapes and figures. Thanks to Valorant customization options, players can be creative with their crosshairs. 

From the plain cross to the full-blown smiley face, Valorant players have found the precise numbers to achieve their desired crosshairs. Players can bend the settings to get different shapes instead of the four-reticle design. Here’s how you can make a circle crosshair in Valorant. 

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How to get a circle crosshair in Valorant? 

Circle crosshair was previously considered to be a “troll” crosshair by serious Valorant players. However, it became pretty popular in the community after various Valorant professional players and streamers, including Shroud, gave it a roll and liked it. 

Press escape and go to crosshair settings. Reset your current settings to default, this will remove all complex changes you’ve made in the past. After this, scroll down and find outlines options. Switch off the outlines and move down to adjust the inner lines of the crosshair. It’s essential to turn the inner lines on to get the circle design.

Here are the settings to apply.

These are all the numbers you need to achieve the perfect circle.

  • Inner Line Opacity – 1
  • Inner Line Length – 1
  • Inner Line Thickness – 3
  • Inner Line Offset – 1

This crosshair can be customized further based on your personal preference. For a solid circle, turn on the center dot and increase the size to the fullest. For a hollow one, keep the center dot off. Most players prefer the hollow one for better visibility. 

As for the color, you can pick any depending on the map. It’s recommended to go for cyan, and it stands out on most maps. However, you may want to switch to a darker one when playing Icebox, as cyan often blends into the stark background. You can change color from top options of crosshair settings before moving on to more complex stuff.