How to join Tarik’s private Valorant Discord

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 23, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

As if cheaters and smurfs weren’t enough headache, Valorant has a brand new problem in crypto-throwers. Valorant streamer Tarik “tarik” Celik has a solution of 10-player private leagues, but it doesn’t solve the predicament in the long run. 

Valorant ranked is plagued with all sorts of problems, but Riot makes notes of solving them immediately. However, crypto-betting is in full swing, and Riot is yet to comment. But players are no longer waiting for the developer to wipe the game clean of bad actors. Taking things into his own hands, Tarik announced Valorant ten player lobbies, and while the concept sounded far-fetched to many, the streamer went ahead with his private lobby. 

Tarik’s weekend stream was packed with content. The streamer kicked off the one-of-its-kind Valorant 10-person lobby alongside Rahul “curry” Neman. Safe to say, it was a success as big names in Valorant esports like s0m, BcJ, and zekken joined the fun. 

Tarik’s lobby is currently the only way to play fair


Riot doesn’t take cheaters and other malicious actors lightly, so it’s surprising that it hasn’t yet commented on the current situation of ranked Valorant. As a result, Tarik’s 10-person league is the only way to play fair Valorant; such is the situation of high-level ranked. 

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However, it’s not easy to get a ticket to the private discord. The deciding committee, featuring Tarik, has put strict requirements in place that’d automatically filter out non-serious players. With this method, not only would the private Valorant league be free of crypto-throwers, but it’d also have healthier and more challenging competition. 

Criteria to join Tarik’s private Valorant discord 

Players must fulfill the tight criteria to join Tarik’s private Valorant discord. Here’s a rough outline to deduce if you’re eligible for the private server. 

In order to get a direct invite, you should be a: 

  • Player on the franchise team
  • Contracted player on Valorant T-1 organization

To apply on merit if you’re not a pro: 

  • Top 50 finish in one of the last 3 acts
  • Contracted player on the team for 6+ months total in last two years
  • Immortal 3 in the last 3 acts
  • 500 hours streamed in Valorant

After going through your submission, the council of seven players will decide if you’re eligible. To maintain fairness, the council members are anonymous. The purpose of strict criteria is to keep the league safe from malicious actors and keep the level strictly at par with Valorant’s high-level play. 

The league is still new, and many are excited to be able to play in a clean environment. However, it still raises a big question on Valorant’s ranked question. Hopefully, Riot will notice the deteriorating state of ranked now that a private league has gone live.