How to import photos and memes into Minecraft 1.18

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 22, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Meme videos about recreating photos and images in Minecraft are a lot simpler to recreate than you might think. Here’s how.

You’ve probably seen short videos on social media where Minecraft players zoom out to reveal a massive image perfectly recreated in their favorite game. It seems like a ton of work to do, but the process is actually quite simple. With the help of an online tool, importing photos and memes in Minecraft becomes super easy. Here’s how to do it yourself.

How to import images and memes into Minecraft

Find the image that you want to recreate. For this example, we’ll use our WIN logo. This method can work with any sized photo, but there’s a sweet spot for detail and readability. High definition images can lose some clarity in the final product.

Head to the Minecraft Mural Generator. This handy website is the key to importing photos and memes into Minecraft. Import your image in the first step and resize it to fit the Minecraft world. Keep in mind that the height limit is now 319 blocks.

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The next step is to set the direction of the image. The generator takes advantage of blocks with different sides, so this is important for the image to come out correct. Your next task is to exclude certain blocks. If you’re okay with how everything looks already, you can skip this step.

Finally, you’ll need to select how you want the mural generator to build the image. The easiest option is to download the datapack file. Give it an identifiable name and click download. Then open up the Minecraft launcher and go to the world you want the image on. In the world browser, select edit. You should see a list of options including Open World Folder.

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Click that option and it will bring up Minecraft in the file browser. Select the Datapacks folder and drag the .zip file from Mural Generator into it. Do not extract the file. The game will handle getting all of the commands from the zipped files itself, so extracting is unnecessary.

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Enter the Minecraft world you want to import the photo or meme into and open up chat. Type in the following command. 

/function mm:mural

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This should automatically generate the image as a massive mural made up of Minecraft blocks.

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In this example, the clear space is filled in with glass. The blue and white areas are composed of a bunch of different blocks to simulate color bleed. Even an image as simple as the WIN logo loses some detail through this method, so keep that in mind when you replicate this trick in your own Minecraft world.


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