Patch notes for Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part Two revealed

Kenneth Williams • November 30, 16:35

The Caves and Cliffs Part Two patch notes are officially live.

The second half of the Minecraft Cave and Cliffs update is now available on all platforms. The update greatly expands the vertical size of the Minecraft world. Mountains are now taller, caves are deeper, and both are generated with a brand new system that makes them more dynamic and fun to explore. Mojang also added a bunch of new biomes to fill the new space.

Here are the patch notes for all the new content in Cave and Cliffs Part Two.

Caves and Cliffs Part Two patch notes

The biggest change to the Minecraft world in Caves and Cliffs Part Two is a new form of world creation. The vertical limits of the Minecraft world have significantly increased. Mountains can now spawn much higher than they previously could. Caverns are now way more dynamic, including massive underground ravines and tunnels. 

  • World height and depth increased to y320 and y-64
  • Mountains can now reach up to y256
  • All-new cave generation system
  • Cave biomes can now spawn under surface biomes
  • Added larger ore veins underground
  • Enemy mobs will now only spawn in complete darkness
  • New music tracks by Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka
  • Added new “otherside” music disk
  • Added new achievements and trophies

Caves and Cliffs Part Two also includes an important patch note for Minecraft speedrunners. Seeds generated after the release date of Caves and Cliffs Part Two will now be roughly the same between Bedrock and Java. Due to slight content differences, the worlds will still be slightly different.

New biomes in Caves and Cliffs Part Two

In addition to the massive overhaul to world generation, Mojang has also added five new biomes to explore in Caves and Cliffs Part Two:

  • Lush Caves
  • Dripstone Caves
  • Aquifer
  • Jagged Peaks
  • Meadows

The Lush Caves biomes spawns underground and cover the nearby walls with moss and plant life. Dripstone Caves are full of Pointed Dripstone and copper veins. The official Caves and Cliffs patch notes describe the new Aquifer biome as a tunnel system full of water. This could pose interesting challenges for determined miners. 

In addition to those three underground biomes, there are two new surface biomes. Jagged Peaks are a new mountain range biome with several snowy mountains. A Jagged Peaks base will be a great way to explore the new mountain generation system. The Meadows biome is a tranquil field that only spawns on the lower slopes of mountains. Lone trees that spawn in Meadows will always contain a beehive.


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