How to fly in Minecraft survival mode with and without cheats

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Flying in Minecraft survival mode lets you see all of your beautiful creations from a birds-eye view, and there’s more than one way to go about it.

Minecraft is all about creating a sense of freedom. You have the ability to go anywhere and do everything, but even advanced players are stuck on the ground for the most part. Flying in Minecraft either requires the use of cheats or some extremely rare equipment. If you want to take the Minecraft skies, here’s how to fly around the world with and without cheating,

How to fly in Minecraft

To fly in Minecraft survival, open up chat, type in the following command, and hit enter.

/gamemode creative

This will swap the game into creative mode. This allows you to instantly spawn any items you like and use all sorts of cheats. By changing the game to creative mode, your character will instantly gain the ability to fly. To activate it, simply jump twice. While flying in Minecraft, you can use the spacebar to ascend higher or press shift to fall closer to the ground. Flying can help you make stylish Minecraft videos or to explore all the new content in Caves and Cliffs Part Two.

The most factor to remember when using these cheats is the world that you’re playing on. Make sure that cheats are enabled on the world or server. You can turn cheats in Minecraft on by selecting Allow Cheats: ON like in the image shown below. Enabling this will let you use chat commands in survival or creative.

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How to get an Elytra in Minecraft survival

If you’re in a world without cheats, there’s only one way to fly in Minecraft survival mode. You’ll need a rare item called an Elytra. To acquire it, you’ll first need to travel to The End. This abyssal realm is also where you fight the Ender Dragon. Once you defeat it, you’ll be able to explore the surrounding areas. On the outer islands, you might spot a strange purple-and-white structure called an End city.

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Each End city has a small chance of spawning an End ship. Inside the End Ship, you’ll find multiple treasure chests guarded by shulkers. Shulkers blend in with the End city blocks, so keep an eye out while exploring. Shulkers shoot homing missiles that can only be destroyed by player attacks or collisions. They hit hard, so clear them out before attempting to get an Elytra in survival Minecraft.

The Elytra will be stored in an item frame in the belly of the ship. There will be one last shulker guarding it, so keep your weapons ready while exploring. You should see a couple of treasure chests and an Elytra in an item frame between them. Smack the frame and claim your Elytra to fly in Minecraft survival mode without cheats.