How to identify Yoru's clone

How to identify Yoru’s clone in Valorant after patch 4.04

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Patch 4.04 fixed Yoru’s broken kit, making him the master of deception he was always meant to be. Yoru has become a menace to play against, but he’s not invincible. 

The new Yoru update is promising. After spending months on the sidelines, Yoru is back in the game. The Japanese duelist can finally serve his true purpose of deceiving enemies with his Fakeout. It took a massive overhaul to make Yoru viable again, and players are confused about playing against him. 

Yoru’s latest decoy update that releases a clone instead of fake steps is too overpowered. There’s no easy way to tackle it, but a few smart tricks may help you see through the smoke. 

How to identify Yoru’s clone in Valorant

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Yoru’s clone is invincible to all flashes and concusses, so players can identify a clone at the cost of one utility. 

Patch 4.04 replaced Yoru’s footsteps with a whole player model that bursts into a flash upon shooting. The agent can use this as a distraction to take down vulnerable enemies. Firing at Yoru’s clone means a blinding flash, and not shooting is an equally risky decision. It’s distracting, and it could be bait from the enemy team. So what do you do in this situation?

Identifying whether it’s a clone or not is pretty simple. If it’s a real Yoru, he will get flashed and concussed. If your utility renders zero impact, you’re likely dealing with a fake. Here are all the abilities that Yoru’s clone is invincible to: 

  • Skye’s trinkets
  • Reyna’s leer
  • All flashes
  • Breach’s stun

The clone is invincible to all detection abilities as well. So if you use a utility like a flash, Sova’s darts, or Killjoy’s bot, it won’t work on a clone.

So far, this is the only way to detect a fake other than the clone’s bot-like movement. The Fakeout walks only in one direction, doesn’t shoot back, and pauses when hit with an object. If you observe this body language, it’s likely a decoy. 

However, shooting a decoy isn’t the smartest thing to do. It’d release a blinding flash that’d render you vulnerable in most situations. If you’re utterly sure no one is benefiting from the clone, only then it’s recommended to destroy it. A real Yoru would often pretend to be a clone to bait you, so always be ready to fire back.