How to get Yordle Lord in TFT, secret trait explained

By Nicholas James


Feb 22, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Teamfight Tactics set 6 and 6.5 have included a unit with a unique trait that can’t ever be acquired from the shop. So how can players get the Yordle Lord in TFT?

Fans who have been playing either of the latest Teamfight Tactics sets might have noticed a unique five-cost champion that doesn’t even appear in the shop. Veigar is a five-cost champion with the unique trait labeled “Yordle Lord,” and can only be spawned by fully committing to the Yordle trait. Here’s how to get Yordle Lord in TFT.

How to get Veigar the Yordle Lord in TFT

The Yordle Lord becomes available to players after raising all six Yordle units to three stars.

Yordles is a composition that has appeared in Teamfight Tactics before Gizmos and Gadgets and Neon Night, but the latest sets have given the trait a new spin. As long as you have three or more Yordles in play, a free Yordle unit will spawn on your bench each round. This can be used in a couple of ways. Firstly, some players who haven’t found a strong start in another composition will simply sell the Yordles given to them in an effort to improve their economy for a pivot to another team later in the game.

If you only have three Yordles, you’ll never see Veigar. Instead of using the trait as free money, Veigar requires the player to commit to keeping the free Yordles and trying as hard as they can to three-star all six of the Yordles available. Once you have six Yordles on the field at any star level, their abilities will cost less to cast. Once all six Yordles have been three-starred, the Yordle Lord becomes available.

Once producing other Yordles won’t help upgrade any of them, the Yordle trait’s free Yordle will begin to produce copies of Veigar. Veigar is the late-game carry for the Yordle composition, which can struggle to compete against traits that acquire powerful, expensive units as the game nears its end. Veigar’s ability rains down Furyhorns from the sky all over the battlefield, dealing damage to enemies hit. Veigar becomes especially powerful at two stars, where his ultimate covers most of the battlefield.

The only way to speed up the acquisition of Veigar himself is to use Neeko’s Help. There’s no other way of circumventing the three-round requirement for Veigar 2 and the nine-round requirement for Veigar 3.


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