Valorant Ignition

How to get Valorant Premier Ignition rewards

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 13, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Premier Ignition is cut-throat, but participants can get valuable rewards out of it even if they don’t win.

Valorant’s in-game esports circuit is officially beginning, but Riot is testing the system one last time before rolling out the first stage. Premier Ignition is the first open tournament since the new mode came out of beta. The tournament will be open to all eligible participants. However, Premier will be highly competitive, but players can still win something even if they lose the tournament. 

What are the Premier Ignition rewards?

Riot has announced free rewards for winners and participants separately. 

By participating in Premier Ignition, players will receive a player card no matter what the game result. Winners will enjoy a unique Gun Buddy and Title. The title name is currently unknown, but the Gun Buddy is an attractive golden logo of the Premier mode. 

Premier Ignition rewards

It’s a 3D charm, meaning the logo rotates, adding detail to the gun buddy. However, players would want to cop the title and player card as it holds more value. So far, Riot hasn’t announced the player card, but it’d likely be unique to do justice to the winning title. In any case, Premier Ignition is a rewarding mode for all. 

How to get the Premier Ignition rewards in Valorant?

In order to get the rewards, players must play at least one game of Premier Ignition. Participants will receive a shiny new gun buddy at the end of the tournament. All the new items would appear in your collection a day after the tournament on August 13. 

If you win the playoffs, new items will appear in your inventory after the games that you may claim and equip. If you couldn’t register before, there’s still time. The enrollment period ends on July 20. 

Premier Ignition enrollment is currently live.