How to get the Fennec

How to get the Fennec in Rocket League in 2022

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Rocket League isn’t just about picking the most luxurious car. Choosing the optimal build is crucial, so players often go for Fennec.

Psyonix’s playful car-based soccer game isn’t as simple as it may seem. The high-powered hybrid car game requires a complex knowledge of car builds, hitboxes, and engines. Climbing the ranks with a plain vehicle is no picnic with players combing through the 60-plus cars in Rocket League to find their perfect pick.

But you don’t have to sift through each category to find the optimal car. Professional and casual players have made it clear that Octane is the ultimate build for cars. Fennec also belongs to the Octane family, but it’s famous for the angular hitbox that’s much different from your typical Octane car. Since its release on July 1, 2019, Octane has quickly become a player favorite. 

Unfortunately, Fennec is a bit trickier to grab. It was initially a crate drop so in 2022 there’s no straightforward way to cop it. But, players can still get their hands on the large hitbox Fennec by jumping through a few hoops. 

How to get the Fennec in 2022 

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Octane family’s Fennec is the top pick of professional players for its wide hitbox that warrants maximum contact with the ball. Here are all the ways you can get the Fennec in Rocket League. 

1- Crafting with Blueprints

Players are rewarded with rare blueprints at the end of each match in the Rocket League. These blueprints can be used to craft a Fennec car.

However, Fennec blueprints are extremely rare, so you need to be patient and keep your fingers crossed. Once you get the drop, you’ll be required to spend some credits to turn these items into a car. 

2- Trading 

Trading is the easiest way to get the unique build in 2022. Rocket League’s latest trade-in system allows item exchange between the players who don’t want to spend credits. Players can trade in five core items or blueprints for one upgraded item through trade-ins. Search around for a Fennec blueprint or build to sell in exchange for rare spare drops in your inventory. 

3- Buying from the store

Fennec isn’t entirely unattainable. Rocket League store presents an opportunity to buy any car build you want, but you’d need to be patient. The item shop rotates with new products once the timer resets. Check your shop every time you play Rocket League for a Fennec car.

You’ll need plenty of in-game credits to buy the build, so keep your wallet prepared. In-game currency can be purchased and obtained by leveling up Rocket pass. 


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