How to get RiotX Arcane gun buddies in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant has dozens of unique gun buddies, but Arcane themed cosmetics are rare. Players can grab still grab the tiny charms to partake in Arcane celebrations across various Riot titles. 

Riot Games recently announced another crossover between sister games League of Legends and Valorant to commemorate the release of the animated Netflix series Arcane. Valorant players received a brand new bundle that included a Sheriff skin and other goodies. However, players are trying to get their hands on rare gun charms. 

The Arcane event rolled in with: 

  • Fishbones gun buddy
  • Arcane poro gun buddy
  • Cupcake gun buddy
  • Monkey business gun buddy

Not all of these keychains can be claimed by paying for the bundle, which makes them unique. Here’s how players can grab each gun buddy. 

How to get Arcane cupcake gun buddy in Valorant?

The Arcane cupcake gun buddy is pretty easy to get. It can be acquired via the RiotX Arcane pass that’s available in the game. The collection comes for the price of 2,380 Valorant points, which is reasonable for a Sherrif skin, player card, and gun charm. Like the VALORANT Act Battlepass, earn enough XP and unlock the Arcane-themed in-game items from November 5 to 22.

How to get Monkey business gun buddy in Valorant?

Players can get their hands on the Monkey business gun buddy by shopping the Arcane pass. The charm is included in the collection.

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How to get Fishbones gun buddy in Valorant? 

The Fishbone gun buddy is one of the rarest in Valorant and is impossible to acquire now. The charm could be obtained on November 6 by watching the global premiere of Arcane on Twitch at A repeat telecast took place on November 7 and 8, which allowed players a second shot at stealing the rare gun buddy. 

How to get Arcane poro gun buddy in Valorant? 

The Arcane Poro gun buddy is a nod to Poros from League of Legends, and it can still be acquired by doing some exploration in Riot X Arcane universe. Here’s how you can get this gun buddy: 

  • Go to RiotX Arcane’s official website
  • On opening the main website, click on the “login” button
  • Players need to log in with their Riot ID associated with Valorant
  • Click on the “Explore Now” button on the main page
  • Complete quests around the world of RiotX Arcane to unlock the rare gun charm 

The event ends on November 22, so be quick and gather all the in-game goodies. These cosmetics will become extremely rare once the RiotX Arcane comes to an end.