get out Silver quickly

How to get out of Silver quickly in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 6, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Are you hardstuck in Silver? Fret not, that’s the case for most Valorant players, according to stats. Here’s how you can quickly get out of the Silver ranks. 

Valorant rank distribution has recently revealed that the majority of players stuck in Silver. No other rank abodes as many players as Silver does, which is astonishing. While Silver is often roasted for being the “bot” Elo, this stat confirms that it may actually be the toughest rank to escape. However, playing it smartly can help you ride out of it. 

About 35% of all Valorant players are stuck in Silver levels, also known as Elo hell. But it’s not impossible to break free. Here’s how you can proceed to Gold in a short time. 

Tips to get out Silver quickly in Valorant 

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If you’re good at tracking radar, aiming, peeking at enemies, and still find yourself in low ELO for months, you may be doing a few things wrong. These tips should help you get out of Silver quickly.

Create a warmup routine 

It’s crucial to have a warmup routine and religiously follow it before joining games. Refrain from aimlessly shooting enemies in deathmatch, which rarely ever helps, especially if you’re new. Try to create a proper routine that warms up your aim and puts you in the right mindset. 

Play a few practice maps in KovaaK’s and enter Valorant’s practice range. Shoot both stationary and moving bots to hone your aim before starting a ranked game. 

Practice shooting moving targets

Be aware that your opponents are often going to be mobile during live games. Valorant has a run and gun problem, which becomes a menace with agents like Raze and Jett. It’s easy to hit a stationary target on the practice range, but you won’t always have those opportunities when you’re competing. Instead of running across the range shooting at stationary targets, try practicing against moving targets from one spot. 

Pick Reyna or Phoenix in ranked games

You may want to drop your controller or initiator for a while, especially if you are solo queuing. As basic as it may sound, picking Reyna or Phoenix in Silver and Gold is the ultimate key to ranking up. Here’s why. 

Silver-level teammates can often be uncooperating, resulting in progress being slow. Counter this by always going for fast-paced agents that can fend for themselves. Reyna and Phoenix are the only self-sufficient duelists who can flash themselves into risky areas and still make it out unscathed. Both duelists can heal themselves, which rids them of dependency. Mastering these two duelists will drastically increase your odds of ranking up. 

Stop crouching

You may want to adopt good habits if you’re still learning to shoot in Valorant, and crouching isn’t one of them. You may see a lot of players crouch and shoot in Valorant, but it’s just an invitation to get headshot. 

Crouching in Valorant is a terrible idea since most players generally aim for the chest. When you squat, you land your head directly into the enemy’s crosshair, creating an easy headshot angle. Plus, stationary targets are always the most vulnerable in Valorant, which is the case while crouching. So refrain from spamming your control key to stay alive longer. 

Find a five-stack 

You have a higher chance of winning a Valorant game when you queue in a five-stack lobby. As mentioned earlier, the category feature in Valorant makes it challenging to rely on teammates to fulfill their roles appropriately.

When you’re playing with friends, you may want to refrain from picking Reyna and go for support like Sage if you’re still working on improving your aim. However, choosing a passive agent in a solo queue will slow down your rank progress.

You can play your preferred role in a five-stack and know your teammates have your back. Try to find four players within your Elo range to get out of Silver quickly.