Golden Kappa Twitch Emote

How to get Golden Kappa emote on Twitch in 2024

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 20, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Golden Kappa is easily one of the biggest mysteries on Twitch, but at the end of the day, it’s just an emote. How do you get Golden Kappa in 2024? 

Twitch has some of the most iconic emotes and memes in streaming history. From Poggers to Pogchamp, the platform has given us many streaming culture memes that have become mainstream. Kappa is one of the popular Twitch emotes, featuring a simple grayscale Josh DeSeno headshot.

But legends say it comes in golden color as well. 

Initially, it was believed that Golden Kappa was a myth, but Twitch confirmed in 2023 that it is as real as it gets. However, this rare emote is incredibly difficult to get a hold of, leading players to believe that Twitch is just trolling. That could have been the case had it not been sighted in some Twitch chats. 

How to get Twitch Golden Kappa emote

There’s no simple how-to for acquiring this emote. It’s incredibly random and appears once in a blue moon. However, Twitch has shared an extremely vague method to get Golden Kappa. 

Apparently, Golden Kappa becomes available during Hype Trains. This means you must contribute to a streamer’s Hype Train to be eligible to get a Golden Kappa. This emote would randomly appear on any monetized streamer’s channel instead of a regular Hype Train. Viewers who contribute will receive the Golden Kappa emote if the Hype Train reaches at least Level 1.

Golden Kappa Twitch emote

However, it was mentioned as a “temporary reward,” so it’s unknown whether this method still applies. 

Another known method is just actively using the grayscale Kappa. Players can keep trying to get a Golden Kappa by using the grayscale emote multiple times a day on different streams. Some say buying a premium subscription and then using grayscale increases the chances of Golden Kappa emote. But this is one of the many theories. 


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