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How to fix bugged Valorant audio in patch 7.07

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 9, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players have noticed a weird audio bug after patch 7.07. Here’s how to fix it if your in-game sound is also disrupting gameplay. 

After patch 7.07, which reverts the rank restriction and slightly buffs Cypher, players noticed an audio bug that could be game-breaking. Due to distorted and misleading audio, many have ended up in hot waters, losing their ranked games. But it’s possible to fix the audio bug in Valorant. 

Here’s how one player explained the Valorant sound bug: “My own footprints come from behind me, my weapon-switch sound jumps between left and right ear, and my gunshots sound like they’re from across the map.”

Riot has since acknowledged the problem and shared a quick fix. It turns out the issue stems from Valorant’s audio clashing with third-party audio software. 

In patch 7.07, Riot clarified that combining the HRTF setting in-game with other surround sound virtualization software will result in double processing, so it should be avoided. But it seems most players were fixated on the rank restriction update and missed this detail.

“To simulate surround sound on headphones, we offer an HRTF setting. We do not recommend combining the HRTF setting in game with other surround sound virtualization software at the same time since this will result in double processing,” Riot said in patch 7.07. 

Valorant audio bugged in patch 7.07: Fixed

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Here’s how to fix Valorant audio bug.

“Noticing trouble with your audio in-game? Try disabling any 3rd-party software or hardware that simulates Surround Sound,” Riot said. 

So, if your headphones come with software, you may want to turn it off to prevent audio mixing in Valorant. 

Those who don’t have any third-party software and their Valorant audio still sounds weird may want to try disabling Maxbot VO Lines or even sgent lines. This fix has worked for some players who ran into the audio bug despite no third-party support. 

However, the issue shouldn’t happen unless you’re using a complex software with Valorant’s HRTF.

Rest assured, Riot is currently investigating the issue and working on a fix so players can enjoy the game with their advanced software enabled.