How to find the right niche for your Twitch stream

By William Davis


Jun 14, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

If you are looking to get into Twitch streaming in a serious way with the hopes of becoming a top streamer, the best thing to do is to claim a niche. 

It’s the path to success for many successful streamers, who often branch into other content once they’ve established a fan base. Instinct will tell you to check out what other people are doing, find the most successful, and model your stream around their success. This is a great way to begin and aspiring steamers shouldn’t start their journeys blind, but always put your own spin on things. Keep what you’re doing fresh with all of your own personality right at the forefront. 

So what is the best way to find the right niche for you? It doesn’t matter what you’re into. It could be mobile slots, Pokemon cards, or football games. Know what you like, be organic and you will have a much better start compared to those imitating someone else. 

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Always be yourself

While it is important that you shouldn’t put everything about yourself on the internet, it is crucial that you always be yourself. It’s important to separate your private life from what you show on air. Keep sensitive things to yourself, but still try to be as genuine as you can. Viewers will be able to connect and interact with you in a much deeper way if they see you as an authentic person. Try to steer away from controversial issues politics and religion. Alyou may have your own thoughts on these subjects, not everyone will be in line with your way of thinking which could negatively impact your stream. Some streamers may be very educated on these topics, but their viewership may not be or disagree with a streamer’s views. Relatability is a very important factor for finding your niche on Twitch. Having something in common will make viewers feel closer to you.

Show off your talents

If you have a talent, never keep it hidden. People love talent, that is why shows such as Pop Idol and X-Factor are so popular. People doing what they are good at is always eye-catching, especially if it comes as a surprise. Enjoy what you’re already good at, not just what is popular. There is an Twitch audience for every kind of niche, and this can help create a more organic community

Things that seem boring on paper have turned out to be some of the most popular streaming categories. Things like ASMR or mukbang see thousands of viewers every day, although the actual premise doesn’t seem the most exciting. 

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Doing any activities on stream requires you to interact with your audience. It’s never fun for someone like an artist to just sit down and solidly focus on their work without interacting with chat. The creative process could be something people initially enjoy, but the interest isn’t going to remain long without a good host. You should instead try to involve your audience in how you approaching your work. Get them involved and keep things exciting for the viewer. 

Create an appealing streaming environment

No matter what time of day you visit Twitch, it’s easy to find streamers seated in the dark with only the screen illuminating them. This being said, there’s nothing wrong with this kind of stream if you’re entertaining and pulling a decent audience, but having a background that distinguishes you from others gives you extra character and personality distinct from the competition. 

Consider adding some personality and making the room look nicer if you plan to continue streaming in that room. Digital backdrops and background decorations can help draw in new viewers. You can find lots of ideas on YouTube or Pinterest for inspiration. If you find that you’re streaming indoors, a good set of lights is essential. Make sure that you look good on stream, and test how your setup looks at night. A ring light can be a valuable piece of equipment. With the right backdrop and lighting, even a new streamer can look like a pro. 


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