Weirder is evolved from Stantler in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Here’s how to evolve Stantler in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

By Steven Rondina


Jan 30, 2022

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Some Pokemon have always had weird methods for evolution, but few are as much of a grind as how to evolve Stantler into Wyrdeer in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Right from the start, Wyrdeer was one of the most heavily promoted Pokemon in the buildup to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The bearded reindeer is recognizable based on the similarities to its original Stantler form, but also has a distinctively new look to it. It’s also the first rideable Pokemon in the game, granting players an amazing degree of mobility right at the start.

Introducing new evolutions to old Pokemon is always tricky. Pokemon games tend to lean on new moves or new gameplay mechanics to explain why Pokemon can only evolve into this new form more recently.

That’s the case here, but instead of giving it a new item that wasn’t in previous games, players will have to evolve Stantler into Wyrdeer by bringing it into an abundance of battles. Here’s what to do.

Use Agile Style Psyshield Bash to evolve Stantler to Wyrdeer

Stantler can evolve into Wyrdeer after using Agile Style Psyshield Bash 20 times in battle.

Psyshield Bash is a new move introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It is exclusive to Stantler and Wyrdeer. It has psychic typing with 70 damage, which becomes 55 with Agile Style or 85 with Strong Style. It also has a chance to raise the user’s defense stats.

The player can open up the ability to evolve Stantler by using the Agile Style version of Psyshield Bash 20 times. This would be a grind with any move, but it’s particularly rough with Psyshield Bash.

Psyshield Bash only has 10 PP and Agile Style attacks use two PP apiece, meaning players can only get five of these attacks in before having to rest. On top of that, the move doesn’t have 100% accuracy, which is guaranteed to force a few extra attempts.

But once the player hits 20 Agile Style Psyshield Bash attacks, they’ll be prompted with the notification that Wyrdeer can evolve. This is done through the menus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus rather than automatically as in past Pokemon games.

Where to catch Wyrdeer in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Wyrdeer cannot be caught in the wild in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The only way players can add Wyrdeer to their team is by evolving a Stantler. Stantler can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Directly north of the Heights Camp is Deertrack Heights, which is home to a number of Stantlers as well as a guaranteed alpha Stantler spawn. 

This gives players the chance to evolve a Stantler into a Wyrdeer quite quickly. Once they have one, Wyrdeer is a solid addition to most teams.


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