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How to enable MFA on your Riot account for Valorant and League

by | Jan 21, 2022

Reading Time: 2 min.
Reading Time: 2 min.

Riot Games has finally introduced a much-needed Multi-Factor Authentication feature for Valorant and League of Legends. Here’s how to make this feature work on your account.

Valorant’s animated cosmetics can cost an arm and a leg, yet players can’t stop stacking their accounts with fresh skins. A fully-loaded Valorant account could cost as much as $6,000. Whereas, League of Legends accounts are also worth big money, especially if they’re older. Players worry about protecting their exorbitant skins and the associated financial investments, but not anymore. Riot Games has introduced MFA to add an extra layer of safety to both Valorant and LoL accounts. 

Previously, 2FA was only applicable when players logged in from a new device. This new feature will require a secret code to be sent each time players signs in from their computer or any other device. This will maximize the security of accounts with rare skins, high ranks, and pricey items.

How to enable MFA on your Valorant and LoL account

MFA can be enabled from the Riot account page, but make sure your email address has been verified first. Here’s how to activate MFA on your account.

  1. Sign in to your Riot Games account by entering your Valorant or League of Legends account credentials.
  2. Navigate to the Sign-In & Security tab.
  3. Locate the 2-factor authentication card.
  4. Navigate to the inbox of your connected email address.
  5. Find and open the MFA email you received from Riot Games.
  6. From the email, click the Enable Two-Factor Authentication button.

Voila! Your account is now completely secured from malicious entities. You can disable the MFA process whenever you want. Just follow the same process, find the 2FA option, and click to disable. 

Currently, the MFA system requires that you to authenticate via email, which can sometimes be a tedious process. However, Riot Games has promised that even more stalwart security measures are in the works. In the future, the developer might introduce mobile authentication to securely identify players. This will secure accounts and positively impact the game’s players by singling out nefarious account buyers and stealers. 

Should you activate Riot MFA?

If you own a Riot Games account with paid champions, agents, skins, and more, you may want to activate the new MFA feature from Riot. This authentication feature keeps your account safe from potential threats. It’s a simple process that requires players confirm their identity before granting account access. 

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