How to do an in-game lightshow with ZEDD skins

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The latest Valorant skin bundle Spectrum may cost a fortun, but it has extraordinary features that are worth every penny.

Riot Games has been releasing unique skins like Sentinels of Light and Recon in the recent patches. But, the brand new ZEDD collection is in a league of its own. The pricey bundle has a minimal appearance at first but it comes with an over-the-top finisher that has a secret little light show feature. 

Despite the sleek body of Spectrum guns, many players are complaining that the weapons appear too plain for a hefty cost of 10,700 Valorant points. A deeper look into the skins reveals that Riot Games is charging for satisfactory audio elements and a finisher unlike any other in the game. 

No other bundle in Valorant has a kill animation as extraordinary as Spectrum. The entire screen turns into a dull pink, with a colorful web featuring a ZEDD emblem covering the sky upon the final kill with the weapon. While this animation is astonishing on its own, it turns out it can get even better by pressing one key. The unique animation reflects DJ ZEDD’s music theme, with faint electrical tunes playing in the background. 

Players can start a whole light show with neon sparkles in-game. ZEDD skins have a unique feature that triggers vivid light show upon weapon inspection. Those who have ZEDD skins equipped will see the default animation upon getting the last kill. Players can take it up a notch by pressing the weapon inspect key. The entire screen will be covered in vibrant glow lights. 

Why is Spectrum skin bundle so expensive?

Currently, no other skin in Valorant has a killing animation like Spectrum. The skin line beats the most expensive Elderflame collection with a VP tag of 10,700 VP, but players eventually understand the skin’s worth. The bundle isn’t only Riot Games’ first creator collaboration but it also has satisfactory sound animations that might help players land more kills. 

The Spectrum bundle was released in Episode 3 Act 2 as the most expensive collection in the game. The line has a skin for all crucial weapons in Valorant, including Phantom, but it’s the unique melee that makes Spectrum one of the most sought-after skins in the game.