How to change teams in Pokemon Go in two easy steps

By Melany Moncada


Oct 30, 2022

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In Pokemon Go, players do not pick a starter but they have a decision as important to make. Teams in Pokemon Go make the game competitive and help with a sense of community.

In Pokemon Go, trainers that reach level five and visit a Gym will get to pick what team to join. Team Instinct is the yellow team led by Spark, which values optimism and intuition. Blue belongs to Team Mystic and its leader, Blanche, who is all about wisdom. Last but not least is Team Valor, a team led by Candela that values true power and wears red.

As part of a team, trainers will get to fight for control over Gyms and defend them. When a Gym is controlled by a team, members of it will receive extra bonuses when they spin the disc on it. The team will also determine which of the legendaries from Kanto trainers get. Team Instinct gets Zapdos, Articuno belongs to Team Mystic, and Moltres goes to Team Valor.

Pokemon Go teams

It is a big decision, but not a permanent one if players regret their choice later on down the line. It is possible to change teams in Pokemon Go, but the decision doesn’t come for free.

How to change teams in Pokemon Go?

To change teams in Pokemon Go, first, you must acquire a Team Medallion in the shop. It sells for 1,000 coins, which roughly converts to USD 9.99. Once it is in the bag, tap on it and pick the team you wish to join, and just like that, you are on another team in Pokemon Go.

The Team Medallion can only be purchased every 365 days. It’s easy to see why some players buy Pokemon GO items to bypass the long wait! After a year, trainers may swap teams again by buying another medallion. If the trainer has a Pokemon defending a Gym, it will return only after it is defeated or if the trainer retrieves it manually from said Gym. After getting it back, players will not earn coins for the time Pokemon spent in the gym. 


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