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Pokemon Go players are begging for Team Leader Blanche to be fixed

By Olivia Richman


Oct 23, 2022

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Pokémon Go players are sick of the new Team Leader looks and are begging Niantic to change Candela, Blanche, and Spark back to their original costumes.

Pokémon Go’s trainers were given a completely new look during Fashion Week. The in-app event featured costume-clad Pokémon and new outfit options for trainers. It also changed the look of the three Team Leaders. And, for some reason, these outfits have been a source of frustration for trainers.

On Reddit, one Pokémon player begged Niantic to revert the Team Leaders to their original looks. The thread has over 1,500 upvotes, with many people in the Pokémon community in clear agreement that the new looks are just not it.

Pokemon Go fans blast Fashion Week Blanche

So what made these new looks so repulsive to players? The outfits are fine, most have said, but what really set off trainers is that the faces seem totally different, especially Blanche’s. This was confusing to players, who said it’s “fashion week” not “plastic surgery week.”

“I can’t look Blanche in the eyes anymore,” the OP said.

Another Pokemon Go fan explained that they dislike the addition of glasses on Blanche because they’re “sick to death” of the smart character with glasses and ugly clothes trope. They felt she looked stereotypical with the glasses on and added that it looked like she had gotten a nose job.

Even if Blanche were given glasses, I think smaller rectangular frames would suit their style and personality much better,” they added.

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It’s been three weeks since Fashion Week, so Pokémon players are losing hope that Niantic will change them back to their original outfits and face shapes. Some have speculated that they may have been Halloween costumes all along.

“They can’t get any scarier,” someone said.

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For now, Niantic hasn’t offered any updates on the Fashion Week looks. It’s possible that Pokemon Go trainers will have to be haunted by a glasses-clad Blanche through the rest of the month.


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