How to cast Petrificus Totalus in Hogwarts Legacy

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 9, 2023

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Hogwarts Legacy has little in common with Harry Potter lore-wise, but Potterheads will recognize some spells and charms with ease, like the popular Petrificus Totalus. 

Remember when Neville Longbottom tried to stand in Hermoine’s way? Unfortunately, that didn’t end well for him. Pulling out her wand, Hermoine turned Neville into a stone statue using a spell that even Harry and Ron didn’t know then. Petrificus Totalus is one of the strongest spells in Hogwarts that wizards have used for thousands of years to freeze their enemies with fear. 

Players can learn Petrificus Totalus in Hogwarts Legacy, but using it requires some work. Like Hermoine, you can’t just pull out the wand and stun the enemy in their face. Instead, you need to be sneaky! 

How to use Petrificus Totalus


During the main quest, “Secrets of the Restricted Section,” you’ll learn a Disillusionment spell and Petrificus Totalus. To get these two spells, you’ll need to get into the library’s restricted section with Sebastian Sallow. Once inside, you’ll be required to steal the key from the librarian’s desk to access the restricted area. 

Once you have acquired both of these spells, you are eligible to use them, but they don’t work like other spells in Hogwarts Legacy. You must follow some steps to freeze and kill the enemy successfully.

  • First, cast the Disillusionment spell so enemies can’t see you
  • Walk closer to the enemy when they are turned away to avoid the risk of being spotted
  • Once you’re close, the game will prompt you to cast Petrificus Totalus
  • Cast the spell to kill the oblivious enemy! 

Petrificus Totalus is high risk and high reward. You may upgrade this ability to kill multiple enemies at once, but you must be level 22 or more. At level 16, you may achieve a Sense of Secrecy that’d reduce enemies’ ability to detect you, allowing you to use Petrificus Totalus freely.


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