How to build important villager job items in Minecraft

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 20, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Learning how to build a blast furnace, cartography table, composter, and more will allow you to manipulate Minecraft villagers in all sorts of exciting ways.

Villagers are an essential part of any solid Minecraft world. In addition to presenting useful trading opportunities, villagers can be used to make automatic farms for a variety of purposes. Changing villager jobs requires the player to build special job blocks near an unemployed villager. These blocks can have some tricky recipes, but this quick guide will get you up to speed on building the best villager job blocks.

To change a villager’s job in Minecraft, a peasant must first become unemployed. This is accomplished by destroying their corresponding job block. For example, you can turn a librarian unemployed by destroying their nearby lectern block. Once they turn into a boring green outfit, they’re ready to learn a new profession. Make sure they have a suitable house nearby and plop down the job block to change them to whatever job is needed.

How to build a blast furnace in Minecraft

A blast furnace is a very useful item to build in Minecraft even without villagers in mind. It’s a direct upgrade to the furnace and doubles as the job block of the armorer. To build a blast furnace in Minecraft, place a normal furnace in the middle slot and surround the top and sides with iron ingots. The bottom row should be filled with smooth stone.

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A blast furnace serves the exact same function as a normal furnace, but completes tasks at twice the speed. Think of it as a direct upgrade rather than a separate tool. The armorer villager sells important tools like chains. High-level armorers can even sell sets of enchanted diamond armor, which is definitely worth the steep price it sells for.

How to build a composter in Minecraft

To build a composter in Minecraft, you’ll first need to craft seven wooden slabs. These slabs are created from two wooden blocks placed side by side. Placing seven slabs in a U-shaped pattern on a crafting bench creates one composter. Composters can use any kind of wood or even multiple different types in the same construction.

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An unemployed villager placed near a composter will automatically become a farmer. The farmer is one of the most important villager jobs in Minecraft. The farmer will operate irrigated farmland and pass food to other villagers, which is perfect for creating automated food farms. Aside from that, it can also be used to turn a bunch of different mob parts into bone meal.

How to build a smoker in Minecraft

A smoker is the food counterpart to the blast furnace. Instead of processing ores, smokers cook food at twice the rate of a normal furnace. Just like the blast furnace above, start by placing a furnace in the middle crafting slot. Then place wooden logs of any type in the top, bottom, left, and right slots. Leave the corners empty.

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Butcher villagers claim the smoker as their designated job block. These villagers aren’t super useful, but they purchase raw food for a good price. This makes them a great source of emeralds in the early game. High level butchers will even buy sweet berries, which are used to tame and breed foxes in Minecraft.

How to build a cartography table in Minecraft

If you’re interested in creating cartographer villagers, or just want to alter and edit your maps, a cartography table will come in handy. This tool block is also easy to make. All it takes is some paper and wooden planks. Place four planks in a square just like a crafting bench. Then place two pieces of paper on top.

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Cartographer villagers are mostly useful for emerald farming. They trade one emerald for 24 stacks of paper, which is a great way to use your infinite automated reed farm. They also purchase gold ingots for emeralds, which is a good trade if you have nothing else to craft with gold.


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