How to beat Fortnite Storm King in Chapter 2’s Fortnitemares

By Olivia Richman


Oct 30, 2019

Reading time: 3 min

This Halloween, Fortnite has a very unique event that’s unlike any they’ve had in the past.

The Limited Time Mode is called Fortnite Storm King, and it sees16 players teaming up to battle a giant boss. Along with the spooky monster, gamers also have to deal with his hordes of henchmen, all within a small arena setting. 

Players who defeat the Storm King will also be able to complete three Fortnite Fortnitemares challenges. The challenges are dealing 10,000 damage to the Storm King’s weak points, reviving three teammates while battling the Storm King, and defeating the Storm King himself. 

Downing the big boss will also reward you with 8,000 XP if you receive the Medal Punch Card. 

How to beat the Fortnite Storm King this Halloween

Since this is a LTM, Fortnite fans will only have until November 5 to defeat the Storm King. So let’s go over what you need to keep in mind in order to easily beat this boss. 

The three phases of Storm King

The LTM battle will begin with three Weak Point stages. At these times, you and your teammates will need to shot the highlighted areas to weaken the Storm King. You’ll be able to tell which parts to aim for since they will be glowing, usually on his back, arms, or horns. 

Once the three rounds are completed successfully, you’ll then enter the Storm Horn phase. Here, aim for his horns whenever possible. When time runs out, players will go through the three Weak Point stages once more, followed by another Storm Horn phase. This will lead to the destruction of one horn.

You’ll have to repeat this process to crumble his second horn. After this grind, you can attack the Storm King full-force in the final stage. 

Storm King’s storm beam

Storm King’s biggest threat is his storm beam attack. This move moves from the center to the edge of the arena with a powerful beam, leaving victims knocked down. If you’re not revived, you’ll leave the LTM for good. 

Luckily, the Storm King can be seen winding it up before he blasts it off, giving you a few seconds to move out of the way. 

Working with teammates

As stated, you will have 15 teammates working with you to defeat the Storm King. It’s very important to keep an eye on your teammates, reviving them whenever they’re knocked down by the beam. This will help you deal with the horde of smaller bad guys a bit more easily, keeping them from overwhelming your diminishing numbers.

Changes to Chapter 2 include the ability to carry downed teammates. This means you can carry them to a safer area before reviving them in this LTM. You can even put a wall up around them to keep some of the creatures at bay. 


Don’t forget to attack the hordes

Every time you defeat a Weak Point on the Storm King, portals will appear around the arena. These will release the hordes of enemies. Sometimes it’s best to beat these smaller bad guys with melee attacks to save your ammo. 

While it may seem like attacking the Storm King is the most important, it’s easy to run out of ammo if you don’t give some attention to the hordes of minions. Chests are only available at the beginning of the fight, and then all the ammo and materials will come from the horde of henchmen. Shooting these demons also increases your shield, while better weapons can be obtained from the monoliths the hoardes spawn from.

Keep in mind that dropped items can be wiped off the arena by the Storm King, so grab them as swiftly as you can. 

Take advantage of rotation options

While you want to protect your teammates in certain situations, building in general won’t be too helpful in this LTM. Throughout the battle, the Storm King will destroy all structures within the small arena. 

While building may not be the smartest option, it’s still important to keep moving. This can be done through the boost pads located around the arena. Use these pads to disengage from a large horde that’s overtaking you, or to escape a powerful attack from the Storm King. Players can even travel longer distances by going from one pad to another. Just watch out for the storm while in flight.