How to beat every Tournament of Souls champion

By Nicholas James


Jul 29, 2023

Reading time: 11 min

The new Tournament of Souls mode is one of the features added to League of Legends for the Soul Fighter event, and we’ve compiled how to beat every single champion in the game mode.

The Tournament of Souls mini-game is inside of the League of Legends client, and it’s essentially a Flash-style fighting mini-game. You play Soul Fighter Samira on her journey to dethrone Viego and become the best fighter in the Soul Fighter universe. Along the way, you’ll fight a variety of Soul Fighter champions, and unlock new abilities and moves that you’ll have to swap in and out to suit each fight.

Tournament of Souls Samira abilities

You play Samira in Tournament of Souls, and you have four different abilities that you’ll be able to change between fights as you fight your way up the ladder. These are mapped to Q, W, E, and R just like a League of Legends champion’s abilities. Samira has one Gun skill and two Sword skills, using a new type will swap to that weapon. Every time Samira hits an ability, she gains a letter grade, or Style Point. Once she reaches S, she unlocks her ultimate. In all fights but one, you’re best off just firing off your ultimate every time it’s ready. These are all of her ability options, though not all will be available immediately:

Tournament of Souls

Q: Gun

  • Quickshot – Fire a shot that deals 160 damage. When used to change weapons, fire twice.
  • Piercing Precision – Fire three shots that deal a total of 210 damage. Piercing Precision breaks shields and extends the duration of Airborne enemies.
  • Deadshot – Fire one shot that deals 70 damage and causes Bleeding for 160 damage over four seconds. If the target is already bleeding, the first shot deals 280 damage instead.

W: Sword

  • Sky Scraper – A slash that deals 230 damage and sends enemies hit Airborne.
  • Back Atcha – Spin twice, dealing 120 damage total. You block all damage and status effects while spinning, and reflect up to 500 damage back on your attacker. If Samira blocks at least 300 damage, you gain an additional Style point.
  • Blade Drain – Slice around you twice for 175 damage total, and heal 250 health. If the enemy hit is Wounded, heal 500 instead.

E: Sword

  • Sever Strike – Stab for 265 damage, and inflicted Wounded for four seconds. If the enemy is already Bleeding, refresh the Bleeding duration.
  • Twilight Rush – Dash forwards, deal 100 damage, and break shields. Place a sticky bomb that explodes for 130 damage, hitting all nearby enemies. Following this with a Gun ability will detonate the sticky bomb, causing it to critically strike.
  • Style on ‘Em – Slash, dealing 230 damage, and gain one additional Style Point. If the enemy is already Airborne, deal 345 damage instead.

R – N/A

  • Chaotic Daybreak: Increase your Critical Strike Chance to 75% for 10 seconds, then unleash a torrent of shots for 700 damage.
  • Immortal Inferno: Unleash a torrent of shots, deal 550 damage and heal for 500.


Tournament of Souls Gwen

Gwen is the first fight that you’ll face in the Tournament of Souls Soul Fighter game mode. The good news about this match is that since it’s essentially the tutorial fight, it’s pretty easy. You don’t yet have any abilities to swap in and out so this is basically just a DPS test. Make sure to cast your abilities as fast as you possibly can, balancing cooldowns so that you get out as much damage as possible.

There’s nothing else to do here, just jam your abilities at Gwen until she dies. If you’re not optimal in your combat pattern, you can lose to Gwen even though it’s the first stage. However, as long as you mash your abilities enough, you’ll be totally fine.


Tournament of Souls Lux

Lux is the next champion that you’ll fight, and she’s meant to introduce the idea of swapping out abilities to best suit whichever enemy you’re fighting at a given time. Lux’s key mechanic is her ability to grant herself a shield, just like in League of Legends. Luckily, you’ll have just unlocked your second option for Samira’s Q ability, Piercing Precision. Piercing Precision breaks any shields it hits, a function that will be absolutely key in climbing through the Tournament of Souls.

The only new mechanic to consider in this fight is making sure to break Lux’s shield with your Q when she gets it. Lux’s Sheld will be a white health bar that’s visible at the top of the screen. When Lux gets her shield, cast your Q before using any other abilities. This way the Q will break the shield, meaning you’re not wasting cooldowns dealing damage to a shield that’s about to go away anyhow. Just track Lux’s shield and spam your other abilities and you’ll be just fine.


Tournament of Souls Naafiri

The latest addition to League of Legends, Naafiri is the third champion on Samira’s road to her fight with Viego. Naafiri also creates a shield, but we’ll have just unlocked the second option for Samira’s E, Twilight Rush. Twilight Rush dashes Samira forwards, breaks shields, and places a sticky bomb on any enemies hit. If a Gun ability is used next, it will detonate the sticky bomb and deal even more damage.

Naafiri will be getting a shield pretty often, so you’re best waiting for the shield, using Twilight Rush and then Piercing Precision. This will break the shield on hit, then detonate the sticky bomb in time to deal a rush of damage to Naafiri. Make sure that you have your Q up to explode the E’s sticky bomb, or else Naafiri will become a serious problem for you to deal with. This fight is mostly about managing your cooldowns and playing around Naafiri’s one central mechanic.


Tournament of Souls Jhin

Jhin in Tournament of Souls is basically the same as Jhin in League of Legends. He has four shots in his gun, Whisper, and the fourth and final shot of every magazine deals massively increased damage. Luckily for you, yet again, we’ve unlocked the second stage of one of Samira’s abilities just in time. This time it’s an upgrade to her W called Back Atcha. Back Atcha makes Samira spin twice, dealing damage each time, and reflecting all damage taken during the ability back on the attacker.

This tool is what you’re going to use to beat Jhin. You can use whichever abilities you like otherwise, but every time that Jhin sinks low to fire his fourth shot, fire off your W. If you don’t deflect his fourth shot, you’re bound to lose the fight.


Tournament of Souls Pyke

The key mechanic to the Pyke fight is his execute, again inspired by League of Legends. If Samira drops below a certain health threshold, Pyke will immediately execute Samira, instantly losing you the round. This means that for this fight, we’ll be taking a loadout that’s built around healing to keep ourselves in the fight long enough to kill Pyke without being executed.

We recommend the following loadout for this fight:

  • Q: Piercing Precision
  • W: Blade Drain
  • E: Severe Strike
  • R: Chaotic Daybreak

Open up this fight with the combo E+Q+W+Q. Make sure to hit Pyke with your E before you use Blade Drain, as you’ll heal twice as much if you strike a bleeding enemy with it. The key ability here is Blade Drain, make sure to use it as many times as possible to heal yourself as frequently as you can. If you rotate your abilities correctly, Pyke shouldn’t be able to get you low enough to kill you from the execute.


Tournament of Souls Evelynn

Evelynn is yet another high-damage champion you’ll have to fight on your way through the Tournament of Souls. The key tool in this fight will be Deadshot, your new option for Samira’s Q. Deadshot causes a bleed and deals way more damage when applied to a bleeding enemy. This combined with Severe Strike applying wounded means that Blade Drain will heal for double too.

We recommend the following loadout for this fight:

  • Q: Deadshot
  • W: Blade Drain
  • E: Severe Strike
  • R: Chaotic Daybreak

This fight is pretty simple, just look to spam the combo of E+Q+W+Q again. You’re looking to apply a bleed, apply wounded and refresh the bleed duration, heal twice, and then begin with Deadshot again. Use this combo over and over and you’ll have beaten Evelynn in no time.


Tournament of Souls Sett

Sett is also inspired by his Summoner’s Rift version, mostly with reference to his iconic Haymaker ability. This will give him an enormous shield, so big that it comes up as a second health bar. Don’t worry, though, as the right loadout of abilities will make short work of Sett. Similar to earlier stages, we’re going to need the sticky bomb and shield breaking of Twilight Rush and Piercing Precision’s additional shield break.

We recommend the following loadout for this fight:

  • Q: Piercing Precision
  • W: Sky Scraper
  • E: Twilight Rush
  • R: Chaotic Daybreak

When Sett gains his shield, make sure to use one of E or Q to break it and then go back to your usual combo. For this fight, your best combo is W+Q+E+Q. This will maximize the Airborne time for Sett and keep your shield-breaking abilities hitting often. As always, just use your ultimate for damage whenever available. Make sure to break Sett’s shield before looking to use your ultimate, though.


Tournament of Souls Shaco

You’re almost there! Shaco is the second-to-last champion you’ll face in the Tournament of Souls but we have all the tools we need. For this fight, you’ll have just acquired Immortal Infernal, an ultimate option for Samira that heals her for a whopping 500 health. Shaco’s main mechanic is that he’ll summon a clone and Jack In The Box, but luckily Twilight Rush is coming to our rescue yet again.

We recommend the following loadout for this fight:

  • Q: Piercing Precision
  • W: Sky Scraper
  • E: Twilight Rush
  • R: Immortal Inferno

Poke with E+Q+W+Q for most of the fight and wait for Shaco to summon his clone and Jack In The Box. When he does, use Twilight Rush and then Piercing Precision to detonate the sticky bomb. This will damage Shaco and kill his clone and trap.

Viego (Normal)

Tournament of Souls Viego

You’ve made it to the final stage of the Tournament of Souls! Way to go, there’s only one champion left for you to defeat, sort of. You’re going to have to fight Viego twice, and we’ve classified his different versions as Normal and God’s Eye Viego. This first instance will be easier than the next, but you’ve learned everything you need to know from other stages. Oddly this is an easier fight than some of the ones you’ve already been through. We’ll be spamming the Deadshot, Blade Drain, and Severe Strike combo again. This will keep Viego Bleeding, Wounded, and Airborne for much of the fight.

We recommend the following loadout for this fight:

  • Q: Deadshot
  • W: Blade Drain
  • E: Severe Strike
  • R: Immortal Inferno

The core combo of this fight is E+Q+W+Q. This is about the only combo you’ll need to do all fight, just make sure to weave in Immortal Inferno at every opportunity to keep your health bar topped off. After you’ve defeated Normal Viego, you’ve only got one more stop before being crowned the champion of the Tournament of Souls and unlocking Expert mode. Up next is God’s Eye Viego.

Viego (God’s Eye)

Tournament of Souls Viego God's Eye

Okay, this is your last fight in the tournament and it’s one of the more difficult fights. In this form, Viego will be turning into Sett and Lux sometimes, gaining their abilities. That means we’re going to have to pack shield breaking abilities like we did in their boss fights to make sure we can tear through Viego’s temporary Sett and Lux forms.

We recommend the following loadout for this build:

  • Q: Piercing Precision
  • W: Sky Scraper
  • E: Style On ‘Em
  • R: Immortal Inferno

This fight’s combo is W+Q+E+Q. You’ll want to save your Ultimate until Viego sets a purple health bar above your head. Use it then to deal optimal damage and heal as much as possible. Otherwise, revert back to the basic combo and use your Ultimate whenever the chance arrives. Use Piercing Precision to break his Sett and Lux form shields, and you’ll have defeated him in no time.

That’s everything you need to know about how to defeat all of the champions in Tournament of Souls.


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