Eternatus PokeRogue guide

How to beat Eternatus in PokeRogue

By Olivia Richman


May 22, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Have you reached Level 200 in PokeRogue? A lot of trainers have been experiencing a bit of a roadblock at this point due to the tough battle with Eternatus ahead. Here is how to beat Eternatus in PokeRogue.

Ask anyone who plays the browser game PokeRogue how they deal with Eternatus, and you’ll get a different answer. But here are some of the best strategies for taking down this difficult boss.

Be prepared for battle

First, you should make sure you’re ready to face Eternatus. The most frustrating part of this battle is that Eternatus gains its health back and more when it evolves into E-Max Eternatus in the second half of the fight.

You will need to come prepared with strong items and Pokemon that can deal a good amount of damage or are immune to incoming attacks, so Eternatus doesn’t deplete your team as its health bar grows.

Use a Pokemon with Spore

Make sure there’s a Pokemon on your team that has the move, Spore. This attack will put Eternatus to sleep for multiple turns, allowing you to then use other Pokemon’s powerful attacks to chip away at his HP.

Keep Clear Smog ready

Clear Smog is a great move to have against Eternatus. This attack removes Eternatus’ boosts, resetting its stats to 0. This ensures that the boss Pokemon has no added damage or defensive benefits.

Salt Cure is a must

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Garganacl’s Salt Cure move works great against Eternatus since it deals a good amount of damage with little solution. It inflicts damage worth 1/8 of the target’s max health on top of the damage dealt when used. The damage continues each turn unless the enemy is switched out, leaving Eternatus vulnerable.

Bring Steel/Fairy Pokemon

You may already have Fairy Pokemon on your team since they’re quite useful against Steel-type Pokemon in the latter half of the game. But Steel and Fairy are both great against Eternatus since he can’t hit Steel/Fairy types.

Be a little sneaky

It may take multiple tries to beat Eternatus. If you’re sick of loading up the fight again and again, you can just refresh the page before your last Pokemon goes down to start the battle again from the beginning. This is a faster way to keep trying so you can test out different methods with less frustration.


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