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How to climb floors in PokeRogue

By Olivia Richman


May 13, 2024

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PokeRogue is a new roguelike Pokemon game where you must climb up floors by beating trainers and bosses to reach the top ranks. If you want to be a Pokemon Master in PokeRogue, here’s exactly how to climb the floors and get to the top.

Getting started in PokeRogue

At the start of PokeRogue, you will be assigned a starter (you can’t choose one). Every Pokemon has a different value, with common and weaker ‘mon being lower in cost than a Legendary, which can reach up to a cost of eight. You must build a team that doesn’t surpass 10.

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Use this team to fight trainers as you climb. There will be a fight on every floor, including boss fights every 10th floor. Choose your team based on typing and strategy like you would in a usual Pokemon game.

How to climb faster in PokeRogue

There are 200 floors in PokeRogue. You can reach the top easier and faster with the following tips.

  • Understand the Egg Gatcha: You receive Egg Vouchers after some fights that can be used towards Egg Gatcha. You’ll get new Pokemon this way, including machines for rare Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, and Shiny Pokemon.
  • Collect Shiny Pokemon: Unlike other games, Shiny Pokemon aren’t just for collecting — these ‘mon will increase your chance of finding strong items to use during battle.
  • Prepare for Each Battle: You’ll start to see that there’s a pattern as you climb levels. Keep in mind that rivals have multiple boss Pokemon that are usually a Legendary or Dragon-type, as well as a Shiny Rayquaza that eventually evolves into Mega Ray. Pick Pokemon it’s weak to, like Fairy, and learn to switch out at the right moments so you’re ready to hit hard and defend strategically.


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