How much has Amouranth made from OnlyFans?

By Olivia Richman


Jan 9, 2024

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Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has long been the queen of streaming and OnlyFans. We knew she made millions a month, but how much has she made from OnlyFans so far? She recently shared the shocking number.

Amouranth reveals OnlyFans earnings

In the last four years, Amouranth has reportedly made $57 million off of OnlyFans.

A closeup of the breakdown shows where most of the income comes from within OnlyFans. Almost half of the $57 million is from men paying for messages, which earned her $26.5 million. Subscriptions have earned her over $20 million, and then over $10 million are from tips.

The reaction has been unsurprisingly mixed, with some saying being a woman is “easy money.” Although, let’s be real, it takes a lot of effort to keep up something like this. The other half have applauded Amouranth, saying it’s “well deserved.” Most people, however, were just shocked at the “depravity of men.”

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No matter the reason Amouranth was able to earn $57 million off of OnlyFans, it’s safe to say that she’s a hustler. Throughout the years, Amouranth has also sold farts in a jar, bought gas stations, shared investor insight, and pioneered countless Twitch metas.

Many women responded that Amouranth is “goals,” whether it’s doing OnlyFans themselves or just earning big bucks in general.


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