Boogie2988 banned

Boogie2988 banned from Twitch for black bar stream gone wrong

By Olivia Richman


Dec 24, 2023

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The topless meta has been pushing Twitch’s guidelines so one streamer decided to test it to the extreme. And it didn’t go well.

YouTuber Steven “Boogie2988” Williams has been banned from Twitch after showing a bit too much on a recent stream. In fact, he got completely naked. At first, Boogie had a censor bar covering his body but then he suddenly removed his pants and the bar while chanting “black bar.”

Unfortunately for him, Twitch banned him in response, claiming he showed his genitalia. Boogie replied that it was actually his loose skin from weight loss and not his testicles.

Twitch community reacts to Boogie2988 ban

Boogie2988 stripped down to his birthday suit in an attempt to mock the new “black bar meta” that’s been becoming popular on Twitch. A lot of female streamers have been appearing shirtless on their streams, covering their chest with a black censor bar. Most are wearing a bra underneath but are giving viewers the illusion that they are naked.

On Twitter, Boogie said that Twitch was banning him for “artistic nudity,” referencing how the streaming platform allowed a lot of skin and sexually suggestive content under the guise of self-expression earlier this month. Since then, Twitch has reverted back to its old guidelines, which is when the black censor bar came into play.

The response to his antics has been mixed. A lot of people felt he was calling out Twitch for their double standards, allowing popular female streamers to allegedly get away with nudity and suggestive content while punishing male streamers for far less offensive things.

Others felt that Boogie was always pushing the limits and deserved the ban since he knew what he was doing. Some questioned if he was unwell and this was another cry for help from the controversial figure.

In response, Boogie admitted on Twitter that his online persona is satire, explaining that it’s “based on the worst part of me.” Basically, the character is dumber and meaner than he is in reality.

He concluded: “Either way I love you all and the internet is fun and I need to go to sleep. Merry Christmas.”


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