How many battle passes will Dota 2 have in 2022?

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Dota 2 reinvented video game monetization with the battle pass, so it only makes sense that there will be a number of them in 2022.

Battle passes have become a staple of competitive video games. It allows developers to keep players interested throughout the year and gives players a chance to score cool cosmetics. While every game has a battle pass in 2022, Dota 2 invented the idea with The International 2013’s compendium. The system allows Dota 2 to solidly claim the title of most lucrative esport, but battle passes are now a year-round affair. Here’s everything we know about the battle pass release schedule for Dota 2 in 2022.

Dota 2 will likely get three battle passes in 2022

Not including the ongoing Aghanim’s Labyrinth, there should be two seasonal battle passes plus one for The International in 2022. 

Valve’s regular battle pass release schedule tends to include a Summer event and a Winter event. For example, the Nemestice battle pass came out in June of 2021 while Aghanim’s Labyrinth came out on December 14, 2021 is also a notable break from the normal release schedule due to the lack of The International. TI10’s prize pool was reserved for the postponed tournament last October.

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The seasonal Dota 2 battle pass schedule isn’t as reliable as The International’s, but Valve’s new approach should mean two more battle passes in the warm and cold months. Several previous battle passes also came with their own custom game mode. Some, like Dark Moon and Nemestice, were not especially popular while Aghanim’s Labyrinth and Siltbreaker were well-received. The 2022 battle passes should come with alternate Dota 2 game modes or at least different ways to enjoy the base game.

The International 11 Battle Pass may launch in May 2022

Based on the previous release schedule, the battle pass for The International 11 should come out around May 2022.

Due to global travel concerns in 2020 and beyond, the current break between The International battle passes is the longest in the game’s history. The TI10 battle pass expired on October 9, 2020, leaving a nearly two-year gap. The tournament was postponed until late 2021. The $40 million prize pool finally found its victor in Russian underdog Team Spirit.

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Assuming Valve returns to the August timeline, the battle pass should come out a few months before. The past three International battle passes all came out in May. The exact date is a little harder to pin down. TI8 and TI9’s came out in early May while the TI10 battle pass was released on the 25th.

This release date is far from certain, but it aligns with most of the previous TI battle pass release dates. There’s also a small, but very real chance that Valve decides to cancel The International altogether. It’s also possible it could be pushed further back into 2022.

While not likely, the removal of The International would also mean no associated battle pass. Any level 1,000 Aegis statue collectors should take inventory of their collection.