Valorant TDM map Drift

Here’s your first look at Drift, the latest Valorant map

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 4, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant TDM is getting a facelift with Drift, a fresh, beachy location with a three-lane layout. 

Team Deathmatch was originally released with three maps: Kasbah, Piazza, and District. Each of the locations looks like an extension of existing maps. Riot follows the same theme with Drift, inspired by Valorant map Pearl. 

Drift is a three-lane location, bringing the zip lines back to TDM. The visual scenery is fresh, with palm trees leaning towards the battlegrounds. The surroundings are blocked with a clean ocean, with tall buildings in the backdrop. 

Drift will be added to the TDM map pool on December 5, with Episode 7 Act 3. 

Riot adds a Pearl-inspired map called Drift to TDM

The trailer has Maxbot narrating the play, but fans believe he sounds awful like Overwatch’s Rammattra and the location looks precisely like Samoa, an Overwatch map. While the similarities are certainly there, it’s tough to say how much was intentional.  

Valorant TDM map Drift

Overall, the map resembles Pearl, but it’s not necessary that it’s set in the exact location. It seems like Drift is set in the middle of a beach carnival or food festival. There are food stalls and a full-fledged buffet. 

Riot has likely taken inspiration from the spring theme of Pearl and the oceans surrounding the glass dome. It’s a refreshing scenery, allowing players to enjoy picturesque views while they pop their heads.

Gameplay-wise, Drift adds a unique dimension to TDM. It brings back ziplines, a coveted gimmick still missing in this particular game mode. There’s plenty of verticality, which would allow Jett and Raze’s maneuverability to shine. 

This is the third TDM map and 14th Valorant map in total. Drift will become playable on December 5.