Here’s why CS2 players hate the new Deathmatch

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 13, 2023

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CS2 players, both new and old, have serious issues with in-game warm-up Deathmatch mode. 

Counter-Strike and Valorant players may not get along very well, but coincidentally, they find themselves in the same boat when it comes to in-game issues. After noticing incredible movement accuracy, players are now complaining about poor spawns in Deathmatch mode, a prevalent problem in Valorant before TDM was announced. 

According to CS2 players, they’d rather use community practice modes than waste their time in in-game Deathmatch, which feels like any other casual mode, not a playground to hone aim and reaction time. 

What’s wrong with CS2 Deathmatch? 

Multiple threads on the CS sub-Reddit are currently dedicated to the Deathmatch spawn problem, among many other issues. Players think that each server has too many players on small maps, which leads to risky spawns. Due to being regenerated near the death location, players can barely recover and practice because an enemy is already in their faces. 

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Poor spawns are a common problem in FPS games but are not avoidable. Especially when you’re playing an uber-competitive game like CS2, a proper practice mode is a must. Besides spawns, players are also not satisfied with the AFK timer post-death. 

According to some, the timer doesn’t allow them enough time to purchase a weapon, forcing them to play with pistols or other poor random guns. However, this is less of an issue since enemies can’t really shoot at you unless you move. Conversely, Deathmatch is currently just another casual game mode where polished aimers thrive, and newcomers spend most of their time spawning repeatedly. 

Valve has so far been prompt with applying feedback and delivering fixes multiple times a week. The spawn issue is a popular one, so it may get resolved soon as well. Until then, players will reminisce about the community FFA servers.


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