Here’s what the new Varus VFX looks like

By Nicholas James


Nov 23, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has been steadily committed to keeping their roster of champions’ in-game moves looking fresh and modern. Syndra recently had her visual effects upgraded, and it looks like it could be Varus’ turn to get an effects facelift.

It isn’t an Art & Sustainability Update like Caitlyn’s recent modernization. Instead, it will be limited to making Varus’ abilities clearer for Varus players as well as their opponents. The VFX updates bring a much clearer hitbox to his long-range Q, as well as making his other abilities more easily distinguishable. Hopefully, fans will be getting hit by fewer abilities they thought they had dodged should these changes go to live servers.

Are there Varus VFX changes?

The changes aim to make a couple of Varus’ more aged effects visually distinct, while still touching up his other abilities to match the new look. The model for Varus won’t be changing, just the look and flare on his abilities. The first and most impactful change is the change to the visual indicator for his Q, Piercing Arrow.

This high-impact ability is a large swathe of Varus’ damage most of the time, in any build from Lethalithy to Ability Power. This ability is getting a much brighter and clearer arrow effect, with purple energy trailing from the arrowhead denoting the sides of the hitbox. Previously, the sides of Varus’ Q could feel inconsistent on when it would and wouldn’t catch a player.

Varus’ VFX for his E and W are also both getting a visual touch-up as well. The passive stacks from Blighted Quiver are a bit easier to see now, so players won’t be surprised at a sudden burst of damage when Varus lands another ability on a target with Blight stacks.

Hail of Arrows’ VFX is becoming clearer and having arrows added to the area of effect. Varus’ ultimate also has clearer visuals around its spread from champion to champion. These visual effect upgrades extend to all of his skins as well.


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